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When Did The Guardian Become The Sunday Sport?
September 29, 2015, 6:15 am
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A few weeks ago, a guy called Oz – based, unsurprisingly in Australia – wrote to me about where to get some weird t-shirts from.

While some [read: all] would read that as a bit of an insult, I was very touched and notified him where my extensive collection of fashion horror-show could be obtained from.

The bad news is the predictive text of my phone decided to slightly alter the name and so when he clicked on the link, he got taken to a site that infected his computer with a virus rather than a place where he could purchase the sort of items only worn by the fashion illiterate.

When he told me what had happened, he mentioned that he had thought I did it on purpose – which some would take as a massive compliment but I took as a massive insult – so to ‘make up for my inadvertent mistake’ he sent me an article that he wanted me to write about.

Which leads to the headline of this post.

And the photograph below this sentence.

Yes, the Guardian Newspaper really did cover this.

Whereas once they were the bastion of good taste for the upper-middle class, they’ve now become the bastard love child of the Sunday Sport, Daily Mail and YouPorn.

Mind you, with the recent publication of Ashley Madison’s [supposedly anonymous] members data online, it is possible the managers at The Guardian felt they could attract the ‘middle class pervert crowd’ with some cheap innuendo and smut because they know they’ll be looking for it given they sure-as-shit won’t be getting any action at home ever again.

Oz did say my final punishment was to link this story to planning in some way, but as bad as planners may sometimes be, even we would never suggest this would be a good idea.

Which is proof of how ridiculous The Guardian is becoming.

Read the story here.

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Anyone who asks you for fashion advice has already been infected with a virus.

Comment by DH

That did cross my mind.

Comment by Rob

A dinosaur in the vagina is still tamer than a gerbil in Richard Gere’s ass so the guardian can still be classed as sophisticated by UK newspaper standards.

Comment by DH

You forgot to put ‘allegedly’ after your comment. Didn’t we teach you anything about how to avoid being sued?

Comment by Rob

I’ve got nothing worth suing for.

Comment by DH

The chicks always think they have a dinosaur in them when they get back to my place.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Something that’s been devoid of life for millennia. Sounds about right.

Comment by John

yeah, a fucking chippolatasaurus. twat.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by DH


Comment by Billy Whizz

every fucker knows aussies have got not fucking taste. look who they marry.

Comment by andy@cynic

I can’t argue with that point.

Comment by Rob

the guardian have always peddled pseudo intellectual vanilla. all this story does is prove it rather than fucking destroy it. tomorrow theyll launch an editorial attack on the availability of monkey shit coffee and claim its social prejudice. theyre better than the mail but then so is the huge shit im going to drop after tonights ruby.

Comment by andy@cynic

Are you suggesting placing a child’s plastic toy in your partners vagina is vanilla? We’re going to have very interesting dinner conversation tonight.

Comment by George

I’m sure Andy will start by asking why you assumed the husband had any role in this mishap?

Comment by John

leave your fantasies in your depraved fucking mind doddsy. and auntie, dont forget to bring your credit card, its going to be a long night.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thanks for making me jealous. Though I also realise that I’d be the one paying if I was there, so I’m perfectly fine with not being invited.

Comment by Rob

you owe us a fuckload more than a shitty curry campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s OK guys, I’m busy tonight anyway.

Comment by DH

thats good because youre not invited either. nothing personal dave, but auntie has 3 kids so i have to be considerate with how many people im going to make him pay for on a fucking big night out.

Comment by andy@cynic

So thoughtful Andy.

Comment by Rob

As for linking the story to planning – that’s easy. Yoir first assessment of the situation is probably lazy and wrong. Especially if you’re a planner.

Comment by John

A newspaper running scared of clickbait… also, poor guy (not just for the virus) 🙂

Comment by Rob (other one)


Comment by Ian Gee

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