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Don’t Be A Version Of Someone Else …

Last month, the irrepressible George from Adscam posted an article about how Chiat Day announced the loss of the Honda account to their staff.

It’s the thing at the top of this page.

Frankly, it’s brilliant.

Not just because they did it.

Not just because they owned the situation.

But because they acknowledged where they had lost course.

The temptation for companies – and individuals – to chase the shiny or the easy is constant, but as Chiat realised, sacrificing your standards only means you end up screwing yourself.

The place everyone wants to reside in can only be reached if you work together, fight together & stay honest together.

It’s for this reason I have a little set of expectations for anyone who comes to work at this office and for my department.

Always demand the most from your team mates, colleagues & clients. Always be open to being pushed to places that make you feel uncomfortable but most of all, never, ever, ever choose popularity over having pride in the work you put forward and help to create. No exceptions. No compromises. No shortcuts.

I know it’s nothing new or ground-breaking, but it’s purpose is to act as an ‘authenticity insurance policy’ … because in my mind, the more people we have keeping an eye on what we’re doing and how we are acting, the less chance we can move – slowly or quickly – into being someone we’re not.


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Nice way to round off the week Robert. Sadly the Chiat poster is from another time because they wouldn’t say that anymore. I had one of the best times of my career there, but how it behaves today is unrecognizable to the agency I once loved. The words to your team are also old. It is great to know you still say them and stand by them. Sometimes I miss working with you. But only sometimes. ; )

Comment by George

You’re doing a great job for Andy while he’s away.

Comment by DH

I love you too George.

Comment by Rob

An ad guy telling other ad guys how to behave to make sure all the ad guys stay honest. Is that honest, honest or ad honest?

Comment by Bazza

Isn’t “ad honest” better known as a lie?
Oh no, it’s an exaggerated truth. Totally different.

Comment by DH

Adland is more honest than the tabloids. Though that isn’t really saying much is it.

Comment by Rob

Where’s the bit at the end of your team manifesto that says “but never, ever disagree with me”? Did it drop off or do you just fire anyone who doesn’t do it?

Comment by DH

I knew Wieden loved manifestos but I didn’t realise it stretched to their employees all having one. Only teasing Rob, I know you had this before WK did an olympic spot.

Comment by Pete

They just know Dave. They just know.

Comment by Rob

So you’re still channeling your inner Mussolini. You’re a real dicktator. That is not a spelling mistake.

Comment by DH

This blog is a place where I feel very uncomfortable.

Comment by John

Didn’t Rob tell someone he wanted to put them in uncomfortable positions or am I imagining that?

Comment by Pete

Sadly your memory doesn’t deceive you.

Comment by Rob

He only likes the chiat shit because the headline looks like it was written in impact.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Isn’t it the nike font? So he likes it because he’s a corporate creep.

Comment by Bazza

It’s called ‘Futura’. Yes, knowing that makes me a little ill too. In fairness to Chiat – and me – they did have the Nike account before Wieden [very, very early days] so for them to use that font doesn’t seem that ridiculous … until you realise NIKE didn’t use that font in those early days.

Oooooooh, conspiracy.

Comment by Rob

Reading about how your team is your authenticity insurance policy, I realise that was really what you were doing for us. It almost makes me look kindly on all our past disagreements.

Comment by Lee Hill


Comment by George


Comment by Lee Hill

Wise words. The smaller the team, the more critical it becomes to have genuine cohesion.

Comment by Trina Ho

[…] was the classic ad Chiat Day put out after losing a […]

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