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San Pellegrino Are Stubborn In Their Stupidity …
November 2, 2015, 6:20 am
Filed under: Brand Suicide, Crap Marketing Ideas From History!, Marketing Fail

Way back in 2011 I gave San Pellegrino a swift kick in the bottles for their terrible joint promotion with Bvlgari.

4 years later and I discover I’m about as intimidating as a goldfish, because they’re not just continuing with their joint promotion rubbish, they’re going with even more ridiculous partners.

Mind you, given I obviously continued buying their brand despite my protestations from 4 years ago, who can blame them for ignoring me … and that’s despite the fact that everyone ignores me, regardless whether I’m in the right or not.

Which I rarely am.


Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, let me introduce you San Pellegrino and …

Yes, Vogue.


Look, I get they want to ensure they’re seen as more than just another ‘water brand’ and I even accept [at a push] that they have associations [thanks to their heritage and country of origin] with categories and industries that go way beyond the typical food and beverage stuff, but this desperate need to be seen as a friend of overpriced, pretentious wankers totally confuses me given they are far more sophisticated, classic and real than those buggers could ever be.

And yes, I know this is coming from a man who wears Birkenstocks.

So San Pellegrino, please stop it or this time I really will stop drinking you.



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Would it make sense if I told you Jemma works at SP?
She doesn’t, but it would make sense if she did.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I could believe that far too easily.

Comment by DH

That would totally be Jem.

Comment by Pete

“I gave San Pellegrino a swift kick in the bottles.”
Excellent, it is like Loaded magazine never died.
I have purchased Heather Lefevre’s book. I look forward to reading and learning about the real you.

Comment by George

I preferred this.

“I’m about as intimidating as a goldfish”

More believable.

Comment by DH

“The bottle has been created to celebrate the extraordinary worldwide partnership of these two proud ambassadors of the Italian style and art of living. Together with the highly renowned and influential magazine, a true worldwide fashion icon, the water symbol of fine dining will give birth to a unique project, combining Italian food and style, two Italian undisputed excellences.

Some of the world’s most talented young chefs, coming from different countries, will join a group of emerging designers to compete in an unexpected challenge mixing together taste, art and fashion. The chefs will be judged by an international jury that will award the best one as S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015; while the editorial staff of Vogue Italia will choose the most talented designer. ”

Unexpected is one word for it.

Comment by John

Wikipedidoddsia strikes again.

Comment by DH

More like John Dodds is Siri.

Comment by Pete

that rolls off the fucking tongue dave. twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

whoever wrote that needs to kill themselves.
whoever came up with it needs to let me kill them.

Comment by andy@cynic

You can phone or email her's-50th-anniversary

Comment by John

Mr Dodds is acting like a member of anonymous. This will get interesting.

Comment by George

I read that book about anonymous and I’m nothing like them. Firstly, I reveal my sources.

Comment by John

A bad member of anonymous then.

Comment by George

Fair point – I’m bad at everything.

Comment by John

More like supplying context to a series of reckons.

Comment by John

thats not a first world problem, thats a pretentious prick problem.

Comment by andy@cynic

As is explaining that he coninues buying their brand when he means he continues buying their product to accompany his myriad expensed meals

Comment by John

hes a twat. hes always been a twat. hes just fucking good at blagging. which means he’s not as much as a twat as the people that indulge him. im looking at you lee.

Comment by andy@cynic

There goes your upgrades.

Comment by DH

what you never had you cant fucking lose.

Comment by andy@cynic

I believe you posted once about ignoring advice. They have obviously taken your advice about not taking advice.

Comment by Northern

Interesting to get your opinion about the pellegrino-vogue-promotion (without taking your polemic overly serious).

I see it totally different.

Without knowing how target’s in China will be I would like to look on this packaging with an european perspective.

For me its a nice link of the art of eating and drinking (pellegrino) and the art of fashion (vogue). Vogue as a brand should not taken literally in this context. It stands for art and fashion in the whole. The scribble art on the bottle suggests, that it is meant as a playful way to communicate the world of enjoyment which is linked to this mineral water.

Therefore this promotion does in my view all in all a good job. And it makes the Pellegrino-brand livlier. But my view shouldn’t discourage you from your critical stance on this packaging.

Comment by Carlo Hartmann

Don’t worry Carlo, nothing would.

Comment by DH

Hi Carlo and thanks for writing. I agree with you that San Pellegrino has cultural connections beyond just food and drink – I say that in the post – but even though you make a spirited defence of their association with Vogue, I still think it’s the wrong partner. It feels – at least for me – contrived and more desperate than confident.

I still drank a bottle of it though last night.

Comment by Rob

Nice post for your mum’s birthday. Look after yourself today Rob.

Comment by DH

oi campbell. sending you a hug. take it.

Comment by andy@cynic

A beautiful tribute to your mother, Robert. She would be very proud of you, but then she always was. I hope today goes as well as it can for you and don’t question your feelings, you are handling everything amazingly well.

Comment by Lee Hill

Thinking of you today.

Comment by Pete

Not a great day for me today and yet one worth celebrating for a wonderful lady. Thanks folks. I appreciate the lovely thoughts.

Comment by Rob

That is a beautiful note to your Mother. Everyone here is sending you love and hugs.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Big hugs to you and yours, Rob.

Comment by niko

Best wishes rob

Comment by Northern

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