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Swiss Air. The Airline That Will Scare The Shit Out Of You …
January 14, 2016, 6:20 am
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So a few months ago, I flew Swiss Air for the first time.

To be fair, it was pretty good … but the thing that got me was the poster in Zurich airport before I took off. This poster …

Look, I get Switzerland is full of beautiful scenery.

I get Switzerland is famous for very expensive, highly engineered, watches.


No bloody wonder their logo looks similar to the bloody Red Cross [yes, I know the real reason, so ssssssh] because based on this poster … they’re saying their pilots fly like fucking lunatics and you may crash and need saving.

From a mountain.

In the snow.

I totally understand most airline ads feature generic photos of a plane in the sky, and showing a plane inches from hitting a mountain peak in the middle of absolutely nowhere definitely differentiates them from the masses, however – and it’s a relatively important ‘however’ – I don’t think it does much for them in terms of audience appeal.

Then it doesn’t do much for promoting the ‘precision’ of their very expensive watches either.

Mind you, given Zurich is so horrendously boring, maybe a plane crash would add some much needed excitement to the country. Maybe.


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Bet you flew at the front end of the plane. Blagger.

Comment by DH

Do you know Robert always asks for an economy meal except when he flies VA, who pander to him likes he’s Richard Branson?

Comment by George

Tell me you’re joking. On both counts.

Comment by DH

Well he used to. Not sure about now.

Comment by George

Doesn’t matter, still stupid. And so are virgin. (Sorry Lee, but what are you thinking?)

Comment by DH

It probably makes him feel less guilty for living a life he doesn’t deserve. He’s wrong. 😉

Comment by Bazza

I’m wondering how Robert got all these perks on VA when I was the one doing all the work.

Comment by Pete

You worked with Rob for how many years and you’ve still not worked that out? Shame on you Pete.

Comment by Bazza

I still do George. Except – as you said – on Virgin, mainly because they make me food that’s just for me … food that economy passengers would turn down. You can take the boy out of Nottingham but you can’t take Nottingham [food taste] out of the boy.

Comment by Rob

Only thing that comforts me is people at the front of planes are at the greatest risk of dying if a plane crashes. Or I should say people at the back will die 1 second later than the people at the front. Cheery tonight aren’t I.

Comment by DH

“We want to feature one of our planes and some Swiss landscape together in one image to clearly communicate our Swiss essence. Even if it looks unappealing to fliers.” The blinkered nature of the modern marketer.

Comment by George

Boring airline for boring people. You should fly them more often Rob.

Comment by Billy Whizz

This might be the most dangerous thing the Swiss have ever done. Except hide money for the nazis.

Comment by Bazza

Would that be the same Swiss watches whose sales are nose-diving?

Comment by Duncan

Out of date technology.

Comment by Bazza

Maybe I’m post rationalising it – or maybe I’m just too thick to get it straight away – but do you think they’re showing the plane flying so close to the mountain range because of ‘the precision of swiss watches’?

God, I think they are … which makes it even more tragic I didn’t really grasp that, but not quite as tragic as the people behind it thinking this is a good way to attract passengers to their airline.

Comment by Rob

How did you become the head of planning?

Comment by DH

Beats me.

Comment by Rob

Ultimate blagging.

Comment by DH

That’s terrible. Not as bad as the KFC promotion launch on September 11th, but that was at least bad coincidence. Someone decided to do this. I think George nailed it with his blinkered comment.

Comment by Pete

The big apple crumble? You know they also launched the towering inferno burger on the same day as well?

Comment by Rob

Is that real?

Comment by George

Yes. Terrible, terrible coincidence. It was pulled within hours of it’s release for obvious reasons.

Comment by Rob

Swiss mechanical watches are actually less accurate that a shitty casio quartz, so basically they’re saying they’re not going to run on rime…and they’re overpriced bits of fluff for people with more money than sense.
Mind you, more money than sense can also means owning more than 100 grasping at youth t-shirts (or pink cycle shoes maybe)

Comment by northern

Nice save with the pink shoe reference. Or you might have been in trouble. I am from Nottingham you know.

Comment by Rob

Self deprecation always works

Comment by northern

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this was “Germanwings”.
And definitely not in a “Germans are precise too” way.

Comment by Ste

I’m glad that of all things in that airport you picked on this and not my client, ha.

Comment by andreea

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