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Old School Chat Roulette …
May 16, 2016, 6:20 am
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It’s Monday.

You’re sitting in your beige cubicle hating your life.

Your boss loathes you …

Your company never recognises you …

Your colleagues never invite you to lunch …

Life is, as they say, utterly shit … so why not feel better and ring some random person in Sweden and have a chat.

No, I’m serious.

I did and while I didn’t get to talk to someone from Abba or even someone with a very Swedish name [mine was called Peter, which disappointed me greatly] I did get to talk to a very lovely elderly man who told me he can’t travel anymore which is why he signed up for this.

And then he told me I’d made his day.

Which made mine.

Which means it will most certainly make yours.

I know it all sounds like some sort of weird IKEA Flatpack Friends type thing, but it’s nice.

Especially on a Monday morning.


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How are you still employed?

Comment by DH

Apart from my little black book of blackmail, I literally have no idea.

Comment by Rob

And your photo doesn’t work. #onbrand

Comment by DH

his photos are as out of date as his fucking posts. but nothing can be as out of date as his fucking “fashion”.

Comment by andy@cynic

Updated it. Which is more than can be said for my posts or fashion eh, Andy?

Comment by Rob

any more cliches you want to fucking throw in there campbell. volvo driver? meatball eater? moose fucker? member of roxette. youll make a fine foreign policy maker for twatface trump.

Comment by andy@cynic

Wait till you get your phone bill. You made his day because he takes a cut of that.

Comment by John

You mean wait until wieden gets their phone bill.

Comment by DH

Or his cell expenses.

Comment by Bazza

But it’s nice to know you and Freddie are still talking.

Comment by John

Sorry to learn that about your boss and your colleagues.

Comment by John

One question. Why?

Comment by Bazza

Why do you come on here?
Why do you earn so much cash?
Why are you bite sized?
Why did you get hired?
So many whys Baz.

Comment by DH

Unkind. But fair …

Comment by Rob

Otis is more mature than both of you.

Comment by Bazza

But not taller than me. Before you say it.

Comment by Bazza

Read my mind.

Comment by DH

Not yet.

Comment by John

I don’t think this is old school chat roulette. Is it not the grown up and comfortable version of making prank calls to strangers.

Comment by George

Just without needing to go to a phone box eh.

Comment by Rob

you fucking sad bastard.

Comment by andy@cynic

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