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When Brands Don’t Get Irony …

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That can’t be real Robert. Please tell me it isn’t.

Comment by George

I’m honored to write the first comment of the day. It certainly won’t happen again.

Comment by George

less embarrassing than launching google fucking glass.

Comment by andy@cynic

It is. Sadly it is.

Comment by Rob

The irony being that this blog has been recycling its three posts for ten years?

Comment by John

Which means this blog is more environmentally friendly than H&M.

Comment by George

fucking outrageous. h&m should be fined fucking billions and im not saying this because ex#1 is some bigwig at the nordic sweatshop masters. im no fucking vindictive bastard ex, im just a lover of the fucking environment.

Comment by andy@cynic

And your altruism donesn’t get the respect it deserves.

Comment by John

tell me about it.

Comment by andy@cynic

Nice to know you are over it.

Comment by Rob

You’re not the only one questioning this campaign.

To be fair to H&M, they have a track record of trying to be more environmentally friendly, despite the irony that they are contributing to it with their “pile it high, sell it cheap” strategy. The campaign they launched in April (where your photo must have come from) was pushing for people to recycle their clothes rather than some direct statement on the environment. Doesn’t make it any better, just some context behind it.

Comment by Pete

Doesn’t make it any better does it. I congratulate H&M for taking steps to reducing environmental damage, but I can’t help but feel they do it to try and offset the huge environmental damage they contribute to with their business model.

Still, it’s better than them not even doing that – but printing about “recycling” on plastic bags is uber-stupid.

No doubt they’ll say “but plastic bags can be used over and over again” which would demonstrate they really, truly don’t get the point.

A bit like JWT claiming they have no sexism issues in their agency after the [now ex] CEO is on record showing he was almost the King of Sexism.

Comment by Rob

I wasn’t defending them. I agree with you.

Comment by Pete

I’m shocked at how JWT/WPP are making things worse. I guess I shouldn’t be, but it is remarkable.
I would have thought setting up a diversity counsel acknowledges they have a problem, but instead, they think that shows they have done enough.

Comment by George

No chance that these bags are made of recycled materials? Please?!

Comment by thecrossdivide

fucking recycled sweatshop workers

Comment by andy@cynic

Let’s face it, HM exists so people can buy clothes they don’t need more often in the name of fashion.
I don’t think fashion is for airheads and anything that allows self expression and makes people feel good is OK by me, but jesus, hypocrisy on hypocrisy
JWT are not worth discussing

Comment by northern

is this you auditioning for the fucking hosting job of what not to wear or whatever the fuck it was called.

Comment by andy@cynic

Not if if I’m up against rob

Comment by Northern

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