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Old News Recap …

A few weeks ago I wrote about the British Government’s shortsightedness in deciding NOT to name their new £200 million research ship, Boaty McBoatface.

As was expected, they went with ‘Sir David Attenborough’.

However, in a bid to appease popular opinion, they decided the onboard sub, would be given that name.

No seriously, read this …

Now while we could sit back and celebrate a small win for the people, the fact of the matter is:

+ The momentum for Boaty McBoatface has gone, which means so has the potential for this boat to help solve environmental conditions rather than just report on them.

+ Surely it should be called Subby McSubface?

Which all goes to show, the Government we elect – or should I say, the majority elect – don’t give a fuck about us, happily treating us as fools by giving us ‘small wins’ to occupy us as they destroy everything that helps the majority of society cope, hope and function.

Jesus, this is waaaaaay too political for a Monday morning.

On the positive, I’m off to Tokyo and LA this week, so this will be the last post till Friday.

[George, Pete, Baz … prepare for me to demand dinner. On your dime]

I know I’ve said that before and then haven’t been able to resist writing something in-between, but I’m actually going to be super-busy.

No honestly.

Oh god, why am I writing it, it’s not like anyone cares. Or even reads what I write.

Till Friday then …


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As we decided a few weeks ago, the fact that momentum was lost was your fault for actually having a good idea and then doing absolutely nothing about it.

Comment by John

+ 1.

Comment by DH

OK … OK … I’m a dick.

Comment by Rob

finally he gets it.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by DH

I would write more but I have to sell my house.

Comment by Bazza

Too late – the news of his arrival has already caused the market to crash.

Comment by John

The Rob effect.

Comment by Bazza

I will find you.

Comment by Rob

Just to let you know Rob, I’ve moved house so don’t come and knock on my door, just go see George and Pete instead.

Comment by Bazza

I knew you’d find a way to make up for not having memorial weekend.
Going west coast is a great idea Rob. Bad luck tech dollar parasites.

Comment by DH

its the only thing hes fucking good at.

Comment by andy@cynic

Lost opportunity on Boatie Robert. You should have spoken up before the decision was made, even if the odds would always be against you.
When do you come to LA? Give me a call, I would love to see you if you pay for dinner.

Comment by George

i am so disappointed i wont be there. not to see campbell, but to see you buy dinner because theres not a fucking cat in hells chance campbell will be reaching in to his pocket. unless he can charge it back to uncle dans pension pot.

Comment by andy@cynic

He’s right George. Get your credit card out and book somewhere nice for Friday.

Comment by Rob

as fucking always.

Comment by andy@cynic

Looking forward to it Rob.

Comment by Pete

Nothing would have made young people more interested in the work this ship does than naming it ‘Boaty McBoatFace.’
Typical government rubbish.

Comment by Rob (other one)

I have to add: I did love the idea that someone did to petition Sir David Attenborough to change his name by deed poll to Boaty McBoatFace…

Comment by Rob (other one)

I believe that is what we call evil genius.

Comment by George

Rob’s got a face like the back of Boatie McBoatface.

Comment by DH

Rob the blog owner not the other one.

Comment by DH

Yes it is George.
No it isn’t Dave.

Comment by Rob

you should have campbell has a face like the backend of a boatie mcboatface, you are fucking shit as insults dave. up your fucking game.

Comment by andy@cynic

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