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Who Is Worse?

… the person who invented these or who buys these?

I get the ‘novelty value’ of these, but – and I might shoot myself in the foot here saying this – if this product is still in existence in 18 months time, I will eat a packet of them. Or at least apologise profusely and buy 100 packs as punishment.

That said, I do like the ‘get your tweet printed on the pack’ idea.

Sure, it results in tongue-in-cheek bollocks like “Dude wipes are a lifestyle” and “For those who wanna dominate the day”, but in a weird way, that gives a packet of bloody tissues a bit of a personality.

Oh my god, what have I just said.

Tissues with personality. Kill me now.

Worse, having just checked out their corporate website, I’ve not only discovered they have been in business since 2012, but they got cash from a major investor.

Guess I’d better start practicing eating my dude wipes … which sounds even worse than they will probably taste.


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The investment swas at a valuation of $1.2 million, so I think your rashness is safe. See what I did there?

Comment by John

And no I don’t mean the typo.

Comment by John

Having to `’tear open” before you can wipe seems like a design issue to me.

Comment by John

Packaging design flaws are the least of my concerns John.

Comment by George

To be honest, in these days where any old shit digital company is valued at 3 billion bucks, 1.2 million is pretty shit.

Comment by Rob

im so fucking glad we werent worth billions. the thought of you having even more fucking cash than you already have would have pushed me over the fucking edge.

Comment by andy@cynic

He’d find a way to stiff you of the extra.

Comment by Billy Whizz

oh i fucking definitely know whats fucking worse.

Comment by andy@cynic

and all that shit vocab sounds like the cliched shit your hair metal bands say so i dont know why youre taking the fucking piss when you have been paying for that wank for forty fucking years.

Comment by andy@cynic

It does sound very Bon Jovi circa 1985.

Comment by George

Comment by Rob

exactly my fucking point.

Comment by andy@cynic

If it means you have to eat them I’m going to buy them.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Is “guess I better practice eating my dude wipes” a euphemism.

Comment by DH

Good companies fail everyday and this one gets investment. Nothing makes sense anymore. Welcome back Rob.

Comment by Pete

I don’t think companies failures and the return of this blog are connected.

Comment by Pete

I like the way you said, “think”.

Comment by Rob

The twitter stuff is hilarious, they’ve even got a dude button on amazon dash. By the way, who on earth says Dude these days anyway? Most excellent

Comment by northern

campbell fucking does. the sad twat thinks waynes world is the latest hollywood blockbuster.

Comment by andy@cynic

Worse, he thinks forest are a soccer club on the rise.

Comment by DH

With the ease of contract manufacturing / WordPress / ecommerce anyone can come up with a stupid idea and turn it into a business. It’s like the pet rock of the modern era. Except there are thousands of variations. And they are all terrible.

Comment by Bryan

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