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But Don’t Follow This Guy …
July 27, 2016, 6:20 am
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… after yesterday’s post about what we can learn about developing and selling ideas from people who have made great ideas happen, I was sent this.

For the record, this is NOT the sort of person I am talking about.

Look, I don’t know him and I am sure he’s super successful … but the other thing that I found interesting from the people I listened to at the conference was none of them described themselves as an ‘entrepreneur’.

Each of the people I listened to seemed to have some sort of personal value being exercised through what they created. Maybe entrepreneurs do this too, but in my experience, they tend to follow the financial opportunity rather than try to marry it to their own beliefs and vision.

Could be wrong – let’s face it, I probably am – but I just found it interesting none of them – literally none – used the word entrepreneur to describe themselves.


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This is exactly why I hate the prevalence of self-declared branding. As with all things, it’s the observers not the protagonist who bestow the titles that matter.

This applies doubly to self-declared thought leaders.

Comment by John

any fucker that calls themselves a thought leader needs a fucking foot to the face. i know you think i am one, but thats because you are all thought followers and know brilliance when you fucking see it.

Comment by andy@cynic

I have an issue with anyone who has to big themselves up on a continual basis. But I genuinely wonder if that’s because I’m British and we are taught not to do that sort of thing or because if you have to do it, you’re probably not it.

This is a serious comment, so I’d be interested in your serious response. Oh, who am I kidding.

Comment by Rob


Comment by andy@cynic

the fucker in the video might say hes got a truckload of fucking cash and drive a ferrari but he doesnt say or show hes beating off girls with a shitty stick. this means all of the shit he shows is mortgaged to the fucking hilt or hes an idiot who absofuckinglutely no one should listen to. and ive seen better production value on the hallmark channel. hes more wanker than rich. fact.

Comment by andy@cynic

Throwing the keys at the valet is always a give-away.

Comment by John

Dan Bilzerian shows how it should be done. Including how to act like the biggest wanker. A true rich role model.

Comment by DH

that bilzerian fucker got all his cash from daddy. at least the wanker is spending it wisely. if youve not got a stupid, rich parent to make you fucking ugly rich, fuck being an entrepreneur and just become a divorce lawyer. i know how those fuckers charge and how those fuckers live and its better than the twat in the video.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Billy Whizz

Is that Dan guy really your hero Billy?

I get the girls and the jet-set lifestyle but he’s a dick. Please say he isn’t … I don’t want my last dregs of respect for you being thrown down the drain. I quite like you. In small doses. Boom Tish.

Comment by Rob

You should do a video Rob. It would be fun to read the comments of people being told the guy in birkenstocks and bad, ironic tshirts has more cash than god. It might make them start to feel happy about being broke.

Comment by DH

“how to be rich by being a talent parasite”

Comment by andy@cynic

If it was called that, it might actually make it even more popular Andy.

Comment by Rob

The video is terrible. I get his target audience will overlook that and just focus on his apparent success, but imagine how many more people he could charge for his wisdom if he had a good director, cameraman and script writer on his team.

Comment by Pete

I hate to be negative, but the only rich thing in the film is the Ferrari. His house is nice but you can pick something like that in Florida for a quarter of the price of a studio flat in San Fran.

Comment by Pete

He gives all his secrets away in the video so the guy is stupid. The car is probably leased.

Comment by DH

What I don’t understand is why it’s not good enough to be wealthy, you have to buy a Ferrari so everyone knows about it.

If he’s a car nut and has always dreamed of owning one – fair enough – but if it’s just to say, “I’ve got a big bank account”, it’s a bit sad.

Of course lots of people do this so it’s not a new revelation, I just find it interesting that even when they’ve ‘made it’, they feel are in competition with those around them.

Comment by Rob

sad fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

So this man wants people to pay him money to hear that persistence and effort are the keys to success? He’s selling a motivation pyramid scheme via a very bad video.
I also agree with you that there is a difference between entrepreneurs and creators. There are exceptions but a simplified distinction is one focuses on maximising their profit while the other focuses on maximising the potential to succeed.

Comment by George

I am certain the people who attend these conferences are looking for hope rather than shortcuts to success. That is handy because outside of criminal behaviour and the odd occasion of extremely good fortune, there aren’t any.

Comment by Lee Hill

I’ve been seeing a lot of “start-up” one-pagers and pitch decks for funding lately (please don’t fucking ask). You see a lot of this inflated personal branding around this stuff and it’s all about the hustle, the battle, the toil and the hards knocks and despite it all coming out on top.

Thing is, what does that actually mean – coming out on top? Does it mean having lots of money and driving a silly red car that you can’t drive properly because you don’t know how the flappy paddle gear box works? Does it mean alienating those around you with your insufferable neo-liberal buffoonary: where everything you say sounds like a middle school LinkedIn motivational quote? Does it mean doing all of this EVERY DAY?

If so, I don’t want it. I’m happy sitting at my little desk, quietly getting on with my work, which is good work and makes me happy and earns my keep. Every day.

He may have money but at least I can tie a four in the hand.

Comment by Marcus

You should comment more on here Marcus. Excellent.

Comment by George

Rob Belgiovane used to tell a funny story against himself.

When he made a few bob from advertising, he imported a second hand Porsche 911 from New Zealand. When the ship it was on arrived in Sydney, Rob took his Dad down to the docks to see his new car being unloaded.

His Dad took one look, turned to Rob and asked: “Whats a matter with you, you dick no big enough?”

Comment by Ian Gee

a fucking second hand porsche from nz? is that because hes a twat or because everyone is so busy fucking sheep there would be no miles on the clock.

Comment by andy@cynic

Don’t they have second hand Porsche’s in Australia?

Comment by George

I seem to recall they were cheaper over there at the time, due to the difference in the exchange rate.

Comment by Ian Gee

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