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If I Drank Alcohol …
August 2, 2016, 6:16 am
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… I would drink this.

Though given Mr Clough ended up as an alcoholic, I’m not sure having an alcoholic beverage named after him is the best way to show respect to his legacy.


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Only cup a forest fan will pick up.

Comment by DH

And I don’t know if drinking Brian Clough juice is very appealing.

Comment by DH

good fucking idea. theyll drink a shitload to forget how fucked their team is.

Comment by andy@cynic

but not as fucked as their fans.

Comment by andy@cynic

One sip and you fall over. Just like the current forest team.

Comment by George

Clough bollocks… Do a Georgie Best… Drink yourself stupid. Get a liver transplant… Then continue drinking. Before you were all born, I met him in club in Manchester at 2.00 am Saturday morning. He had a blonde on one arm and a redhead on the other. He was pissed out of his brains. A few hours later, I watched him score a hat trick at Old Trafford. They don’t make em like that anymore… United!!!
George “AdScam” Parker

Comment by George Parker

You have adopted the same sense of nostalgia as the average forest fan, George.

Comment by George

Forest are looking good for the first time in years I’ll have you know. By ‘good’, I obviously mean ‘less shit’, but I have faith. Except for the billionaire owner who never pays his bills.

Comment by Rob

Tasting Notes: “Big head, shit mouth-feel, bitter aftertaste”

Comment by Ian Gee

I’m not going to lie to you, Robert. This isn’t your strongest post.

Comment by Marcus

To be honest, that’s a massive compliment because I bet some people think it is.

Comment by Rob

There is that, I suppose.

Comment by Marcus

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