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How Gucci’s New Designers Seem To Be The Cast Of Absolutely Fabulous …

Dear Gucci …

First it was gameshow host geek chic.

Then it became 1970’s cowgirl with matching suitcase.

Now it’s this …

Seriously, what the fuck is going on?

I appreciate the fashion industry is – like tech – locked in a cycle of needing to look like it’s always going forward, but apart from the fact this ‘fashion’ looks awfully like it comes from about 20 years in the past, it all counts for nothing if the end result is the sort of thing you’d only seen worn by people play Widow Twankey at the local pantomime.

I appreciate I am to fashion what Lindsey Lohan is to Broadway Theatre, but I can’t help but think even Tesco’s make more appealing fashion than this.

But maybe that’s the point …

You see years ago, we were working with IKEA and as part of our investigation, we went and talked to an interior designer in Miami.

One of the things she told us was how she felt IKEA had made her wealthy clients want more ostentatious looking homes.

When we asked what she meant, she said that the rich have an inherent need to feel there is a clear separation between them and ‘the common herd’ and as IKEA had basically democratised stylish interior design, the wealthy had responded by wanting their houses to look over-the-top to ensure the gap between them and the mainstream was maintained.

In essence, IKEA had pushed the wealthy to look more ridiculous.

With that in mind, maybe that’s what is happening to Gucci.

Because everyday fashion retailers now offer the sort of nicely designed clothes that were once only the domain of the wealthy, the top-end fashion houses feel they need to produce clothes that allow their customers to separate themselves from the masses, even if it means they will look ridiculous as a result.

I seriously daren’t imagine what is next?

A range based on the fashion of Ms Piggy, maybe?

Don’t laugh, it could happen …


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AbFab fashion.

Comment by George

You know you just took what I wrote in the headline of this post and repeated it back to me. Are you trying to recreate this ad?

Comment by Rob

that would mean youre the fucking geeky looking bastard with the big hair and shit shirt. go back 30 years and i see what you mean.

Comment by andy@cynic

Dead ringer for George though

Comment by Bazza

Tesco’s influence hasn’t worked on you has it.

Comment by DH

I’m probably more of a reject shop kind of guy.

[I said it before you]

Comment by Rob

If forgotten about that shop. You are definitely Mr reject shop.

Comment by DH

Didn’t Asda supermarket have a range of clothes by an ex high street fashion designer to try and up their image?

Comment by DH
No jokes about the brand name please.

Comment by George

Would you buy clothes from a guy from Lancashire who was arrested for DUI? I think you have found the real reason I left the UK.

Comment by DH

i remember when they called it asdale. fucking asdale. might as well have called it “fucking poor”.

Comment by andy@cynic

I bought some shorts from Asda when I was in England a month ago. 2 quid. That’s probably the highest prices piece of fashion in my wardrobe.

Comment by Rob


Comment by DH

kind of gucci to help old fucks stay in employment by giving iris apfel and her twin sisters the modeling gig.

Comment by andy@cynic

As a whole that photo may appear a bit overwhelming, but nobody’s going to wear all of it at the same time.Certainly not in Nottingham.

In real life, many of those pieces may individually be much better than you think. And the coat on the left is obviously amazing.

Comment by John

john dodds.
fashion expert.
for marketing middle management weekly.

Comment by andy@cynic

I dream of reaching the heights of middle management.

Comment by John

Watch out Gok Wan.

Comment by DH

By the way, Marcus was far too generous about yesterday’s “post”.

Comment by John

The Ikea project was my first with cynic which means over 10 years have passed. That is scarier than the Gucci fashion.

Comment by Pete

Did anybody realise the interior designer was justifying her career choice?

Comment by John

I’m not sure I understand what you mean John? If you are saying she said these things to highlight her credentials as an interior designer, I would have to disagree. There will always be some self interest in what people communicate in an interview, but she wasn’t telling us what she was recommending to her clients, but what her clients were asking her to do for them. That said, I do remember her continually reminding us how good she was at her job.

Comment by Pete

You mean more than every person who has to explain what they do to someone else?

Comment by Rob

I take both your points. I asked the question because my instant reaction was that lots of wealthy people differentiate themselves with restrained good taste (for want of a better phrase) while tackiness is not restricted to the nouveau riche.

Difference from the IKEA masses does not have to mean Campbell-esque extremes.

Also she was based in Miami!

Comment by John

She was based in Miami because that’s where the project was for. And of course people differentiate themselves in many ways, but that doesn’t mean her experience was wrong, acknowledging she may also have been appealing to a particular segment who like tackiness. Like 92.64% of rich Miami folk. (By Campbell standards)

Comment by Rob

I wish I’d kept my grandmas clothes, Gucci would pay me a fortune.

Comment by Bazza

Interesting revelation. Did they not fit?

Comment by John

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