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And They Say China Doesn’t Innovate …
August 23, 2016, 6:20 am
Filed under: Crap Products In History, Cunning, Embarrassing Moments, Marketing Fail

… and you thought it was just Uncle Martian that was taking the most blatant piss …

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Why are your posts so short?
What are you trying to set us up for?

Comment by DH

Cue: evil laugh.

Comment by Rob

This is more evidence why the Daily Mail is dangerous to society.

Comment by George

A German woman wearing birkenstocks is on brand.

Comment by Bazza

Fortunately, that’s also Rob’s alter-ego.

Comment by John

So I influence Heidi Klum? Sounds about right.

Comment by Rob

More Merkel than Klum.

Comment by John

You bought it didn’t you Robert.

Comment by George

Bought it? He blagged a freebie in exchange for product placement across his extensive social media presence.

Comment by John

Of course. Just like I bought the Gooapple.
And I get to justify it by taking it to conferences as examples of the sort of madness we are seeing these days. Where China doesn’t just copy one brand, but multiples and creates what I call the superfake.

Comment by Rob

Oh Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

Frankenstein gaming.

Comment by Pete

Their samsung apple phone will be called sample.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Who wrote that for you?

Comment by DH


Comment by John

I’m with John.

Comment by Rob

Last time I was in one of those Chinese electronics markets, there was a lot of stuff from Parasolic. I think they had an umbrella brand strategy …

Comment by Ian Gee

Do you have a room full of ‘curiosities’ like this?

Comment by Northern

havent been to his house for fucking years but i bet it looks like a fucking pedos palace for attracting nerd kids.

Comment by andy@cynic

Each of his properties has a wing devoted to crappy gadgets, musc and fashion.

Comment by John

With the amount of properties he owns, that means he has more stuff than Amazon.

Comment by Bazza

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