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China’s Beautiful Madness Is Now Only A Click Away …
September 1, 2016, 6:20 am
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A long time ago, the lovely Charinee started a newsletter called Luan Dun.

It was a compendium of the weird and wonderful that was going on in China at that time. Not to humiliate the nation, but to actually celebrate it’s diversity.

We felt this was important because quite frankly, Western media loves to criticise the country and Chinese agencies like to present the population as almost one mass who all think the same and do the same.

Anyway, even though Charinee’s bastard husband stole her away from us when he moved to the US we continued with her legacy … which is why I’m so happy we have put it all online so it can be seen and explored with absolute ease.

The site houses a number of our other publications … Hearing Aid, our music culture newsletter and People Tech, our overview of stuff going on in China’s tech scene … and is updated every month, but if you follow/like our instagram feed, you can see things that are happening on a more regular basis … so if you want to get a better understanding of the country that basically rules all other countries, click here.

[Special thanks to David and Kate who did it all. I just take the credit. As usual]


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Last paragraph is the truest paragraph you’ve ever written.

Comment by DH

If it is about China’s “weird”, why aren’t you the main feature in every edition?

Comment by DH

its also about commielands wonderful which is why campbell is kept 10,000,000 miles away from it.

Comment by andy@cynic

He’s the holiday correspondent.

Comment by John

So you’re taking credit for the fact that the link on the instagram page is broken?

Comment by John

Works for me. Maybe it’s you who is broken? You can blame Rob for that as well.

Comment by DH

In the page not to the page.

Comment by John

Have you ever thought of a career as a UX tester?

Comment by Bazza

All careers are closed to me.

Comment by John

Mistake 1. You read what he writes.

Comment by Billy Whizz

No. Which is why you are responsible for 2 of my team being fired the moment they walk in.

Comment by Rob

living off other fuckers talent. nothing ever fucking changes does it campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Like his music and fashion. I am using both terms very loosely.

Comment by Bazza

Why change something that has worked for me so well over the past 20+ years?

Comment by Rob

I have sent the link to my China colleagues. I look forward to their response.

Comment by Lee Hill

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