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Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin …

So the last couple of days have been about brands who have completely lost the plot as regards what marketing should be.

Well today we’re going to talk about something a bit different … namely a brand that seems to have completely lost the plot regarding what naming should be.

Yes, this is real.

A new women’s brand opening in China called Titty&Co.

Now you could say this name is genius because the level of PR they’re going to get is huge.

But will it help them long term?

If the brand had a more punk-type vibe – fighting sexism by using sexism – maybe, but given it appears they want to be NEXT … I’m not so sure.

That said, as I wrote once before, Asia loves coming up with brand names that literally explains what it does.

So by that token, I imagine Titty&Co just sell tops.

Either way, I bet the ‘Look Book’ that they mention above becomes the most popular part of their site. For men.


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better than anything those future brand fuckers have come up with.

Comment by andy@cynic

Future brand are the tits.

Comment by DH

True … especially as it seems Future Brand’s naming strategy is make up a totally new word that always ends up sounding like a Spanish water company. Or something.

Comment by Rob

why the fuck are they all western models? is that the thing over in commieland? bet you and your fashion sense freaks them the fuck out then campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

oh and this.
shit nottingham twats 0 arsenal 4

Comment by andy@cynic

Nottingham Forest 0 Arsenal reserve team 4.

Comment by George

Yes … yes …

We were good at the beginning and then rubbish. We haven’t kept a single clean sheet this season but at least we’re exciting which is more than can be said for the last 10 years. Just a shame we lost on Cloughy’s 12th anniversary. Oh well …

Comment by Rob

It’s a Japanese brand that’s been around since 2008.

Comment by John

of course you know doddsy. bet youve been hanging outside their stores since 2008.

Comment by andy@cynic

It just came up in the course of my normal Googling.

Comment by John

I am guessing their proprietary naming tool involves a number of 70’s “top shelf” magazines. One of those “only in Asia” brands, though I wonder how they’d do in the states? I have a feeling they could do quite well, at least on novelty value.

Comment by George

They started off with surf style clothing, then went retro.

Comment by John

I don’t know if Titty&Co or John’s detailed knowledge of them disturbs me more.

Comment by DH

Me too …

Comment by Rob

Where’s Baz? The iPhone 7 launch is over. Is Tim Cook still keeping him in a matchbox as a punishment for the headphone jack negative coverage?

Comment by DH

I am meeting him in a couple of hours. I’ll let you know if he doesn’t turn up.

Comment by Pete

He must be in a desperate state.

Comment by DH


Comment by Pete

Now that’s branding you won’t forget.

Comment by Pete

Someone once told me the founder of the company was told titty meant stylish. They could be wrong. I hope they are not.

Comment by Lee Hill

Oh I hope that’s true …

[I mean the story, I’m not doubting someone told you that]

Comment by Rob

Nissan did the same thing back in the late fifties. They were making Austin Somersets under licence and wanted an elegant English name. So they called it the Cedric.

Comment by Ian Gee

I ate lunch today at a restaurant in Shanghai called ifuqu. They must know.

Comment by LuoAnLai

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