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Same But Different … And Not In A Good Way

A long time ago, there was a report that claimed the only thing the general public thought was lower than being an ‘advertising executive’ was being a used car salesman.

Well, judging by this letter in The Guardian newspaper, there is good news and bad news as regards how things have changed.

The ‘good’ is there is another industry group deemed lower than us/me.

The ‘bad’ is it appears used car salesman have leapfrogged us in the distain charts.

Which begs the question, how the hell do you stay exactly the same and yet still end up worse?

Only advertising has the answer …

It’s pretty damning isn’t it?!

I can’t help but feel my Dad would be in total agreement with it too.

I’m utterly petrified for the day Otis asks me the same sort of question.

What do I say?

Do I reframe it so he won’t hate me?

Do I tell him the truth so he hates me, but maybe respects my honesty?

Do I just start talking about Birkenstocks and hope he forgets what he asked?

I honestly don’t know … so I’m relying on the fact that at 46, the ad industry will soon kick me to the curb so I can be a part-time receptionist at a used car garage and make him proud.

Ironically, I’d actually really like to do that job too.

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youve got bigger fucking issues than working in advertising. you come from nottingham, love queen, wear birkenstocks and spend all his future fucking dish on shit gadgets that are obsolete before you rip the packaging off.

Comment by andy@cynic

Another excellent example of your back-handed helpfulness. Thanks.

Comment by Rob

and why the fuck are you reading the guardian?

Comment by andy@cynic

Quite a step up from Kerrang. Or down, dependent on your political leaning.

Comment by George

Or basically the same thing, quality wise.

Comment by DH

You know me, I read everything from Kerrang to the Guardian.

Comment by Rob

no fucking wonder you dont have time to do any work.

Comment by andy@cynic

Don’t worry Robert, he will regard advertising as an industry from history and so will tell his friends you work in a museum. Do you have the article that caused the comment to be written, I would love to read it.

Comment by George

Andy already pointed out that it’s from The Guardian and you still want to read it?

Comment by John

Here you go. She doesn’t come across that well to be honest … hence the vitriol of the comment.

Comment by Rob

ive been divorced twice, those fucking dents on my wedding ring finger went in 3 fucking days. wish the alimony i have to fucking cough up went as quickly. shes such a fucking charlatan she could be a planner.

Comment by andy@cynic

Sorry to have to tell you this but all those reports about all cars being self-driving by 2020 are nonsense. So ,there will still be a used car trade in the future and your cunning plan to find a job where you have even more free time than you do now is doomed to fail

Comment by John

broken his fucking heart.

Comment by andy@cynic

I feel bad about that – especially as he reports crying twice at last night’s “Queen” gig.

Comment by John

why the fuck did he cry at the concert except for the fucking obvious reason his ears finally let him hear how shit their overblown bollocks really is.

Comment by andy@cynic

I bet he bought every tshirt they were selling. Twice.

Comment by DH

I really did cry. I know … I know …

Comment by Rob

I’d rather listen to Queen than Trump. What a dick.

Comment by DH

So you approve of Mr Lambert, Robert?

Comment by Lee Hill

He won’t do it. It’s not just the lack of work, it has to be matched with an eye watering pay packet and I don’t think used car places can offer that.

Comment by DH

But are advertising execs as bad as digital planners?

Comment by Pete

Is Donald Trump as bad as digital planners?

Can’t wait for the debate and his lies.

Comment by Rob

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