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If You Want To Feel Really Old …
October 12, 2016, 6:20 am
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… read the first 2 lines of this article on the 25th anniversary of the brilliant movie, The Commitments.

Scary eh! Almost as scary as the fact The Commitments is 25 years old.


Then I remember how good that movie is and realise there won’t be many films made today that I’ll want to see in 25 years time, which helps me feel a teensy bit better about being an old fart. Which is handy, because on top of the first 2 lines of that article making me feel ancient, I’ve been spending the past few months working with Spotify and after every meeting I feel super excited and oh-so-old.

Anyway, for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about – or just want a dose of nostalgia – cop a load of this:


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Awesome movie. It’s in my personal Top 10.

Comment by Ian Gee

This isn’t nostalgia Robert, you have just age attacked me.
The Commitments was a great film. Or I think it was. I will have to rewatch it to discover if my memory is playing tricks on me due to old age.

Comment by George

your mind was lost the fucking second it became a planner. blame adland not age.

Comment by andy@cynic

how the fuck can it be 25 years when i remember it coming out but im only 24. is this another example of campbell calculation again. dont answer that, im telling you it fucking is. ok!

Comment by andy@cynic

I was thinking exactly the same thing. Surely they mean their 10th anniversary. Must be a typo. Must be …

Comment by Rob

wasnt one of the corrs triplets in it? why the fuck do i remember that? ive turned into fucking us weekly. this is your fucking fault campbell. not sure how but it is.

Comment by andy@cynic

The only one worth remembering is the blonde one. She still looks good.

Comment by DH

still has a fucking lovely set of pipes on her.

Comment by andy@cynic

now ive turned into the fucking donald. this blog has a lot to answer for. im going to get fucking hammered to try and numb the pain.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Rob

I believe she was. That’s freaky you remember that especially when she was probably in it for about 3 seconds. Weirdo.

Comment by Rob

What Spotify have been up to lately now begins to make sense.

Comment by John

Doesn’t Rob work with Spotify? Now it all makes sense.

Comment by DH

explains fucking everything. including why queen came up in my discover weekly. campbell is a fucking bastard.

Comment by andy@cynic

Interesting Rob didn’t respond to this comment thread. Corporate toad.

Comment by DH

Can’t believe it’s 25 years, I’m so old. I want to watch it again but I am nervous it wil be similar to another movie I watched of a similar vintage, Independence Day.

Terrible, but not as terrible as the recent “update”. That was one of the worst movies ever made. It’s worth watching to see just how bad it is. Filled with product placement from Chinese companies so now your adopted country will think America steals their money like they steal our secrets. ; )

Comment by Pete

Oh god Pete, I watched the sequel on the plane … it’s absolutely horrendous. The overt Chinese brand product placement only makes things worse.

I kind of feel sorry for the Chinese companies involved. They would have been sold ‘the opportunity to resurrect a movie franchise that impacted the World’ without realising they were actually paying for a film even the movie studios knew was a lame duck.

Comment by Rob

Truly awful. You should watch it Andy, you’d love it.

Comment by Pete

A phenomenal film with a cast of unknown talent who could sing and play. I am unsure whether a film like this would ever get made by a major studio again.

There is a little known story that the record company had to buy the lead singer of The Commitments a Porsche after betting them the official soundtrack would sell a certain number of product.

I will watch it again tonight. Thank you Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

I love that story. I also love how it shows the lack of belief the record company had in their product. Haha.

Comment by Rob

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