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I Am A Marketing Victim …
November 14, 2016, 6:15 am
Filed under: Brand Suicide, Comment, Crap Products In History, Marketing Fail

Laugh it up … but I’m going to have to buy Jill a new anniversary present now.*

* Copyright 1974 sexist joke department.


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This is your comeback post? No mention of Trump? What happened to you in Europe?

Comment by George

Based on his instagram, that could be because he’s been too busy eating, chatting, living the high life and buying fake dog shit ton notice.

Comment by DH

I’m too frightened to look.

Comment by George

I’ll save you the effort. Here’s the highlight/lowlight.


A post shared by Rob Campbell (@robertc1970) on

Comment by Rob

Oh Robert.

Comment by George

This is why you should never be allowed to travel without your wife.

Comment by Lee Hill

I’m too depressed to talk about it. Especially given the next 6 months. Karma eh! Ha.

Comment by Rob

That’s not Jill’s present. You wouldn’t spend so much on her, you tight sod.

Comment by DH

You’re right it isn’t … even I’m not that daft.

Comment by Rob

Last time I tried a present like that, I copped it round the side of my head. Bad idea …

Comment by Ian Gee

You mean you actually DID try a present like that once?

And there I was thinking you were Mr Smart.

Comment by Rob

Only once. Quick learner.

Comment by Ian Gee

[…] A while back, I wrote about how I was a marketing victim. […]

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