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Devious Comparison …

The picture above was sent to me by a mate of mine.

Forget the fact that there would be a massive amount of people who don’t even know what a cassette is … comparing a USB drive with a tape cassette is unfair comparison evil genius.

What next … comparing how far a plane can travel in an hour with how far people can walk?

Or maybe compare how many apps you can fit on an iPhone 7 256gb with a dial telephone?

And what the hell is the ‘limited edition’ element of these USB’s?

The colours?

Or the fact they come in packaging that has the words ‘limited edition’ written on it.

The worst thing is this will be successful.

Of course, part of this will be because they are cheap, but they will still sell by the bucketload and while many marketers will say this highlights how agencies are ‘out of touch’ with how to win at business, I would respond by saying they should look up the word ‘commodity’.

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“You’re older than a USB”. Thanks for the insult inspiration.

Comment by DH

I’m older than a lot of things. CD’s, DVD’s, Playstation.
Christ, I’ve just depressed myself.

Comment by Rob

But younger than Jesus. That’s something.

Comment by Bazza

My question is, who wants 9,000 songs? Because 8,000 of them are going to be horrible songs lol

Comment by Real World Realist

Or in Rob’s case, 8,997 would be. Queen and 80s hair metal.

Comment by DH

I think it says 4000 songs actually.

Comment by Rob

I also think that if you were a USB drive, you would look like one of those. I’m not even trying to insult you, I really think that.

Comment by DH


Comment by andy@cynic

Limited (to 4000 songs) edition.

Comment by John

blind fuckers arent they doddsy.

Comment by andy@cynic

campbell would fill it with fucking queen shit though. including fucking 12″ remixes of their 80s shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

Planners rarely possess the discerning eye of the creative.

Comment by John

12 inch remixes. Which were the 7 inch single with an extra long intro. The record companies really saw us coming in the 1980’s.

Comment by George

Much like business books.

Comment by John

So I wasn’t the first to notice that then. Story of my life.

Comment by Rob

congratulations campbell, youve become a member of the generation that companies with old shit target because they think youre so out of touch, youll buy it because you think its next gen shit. youll be offered a fucking answering machine and fax next.

Comment by andy@cynic

Also known as the Acer business model.

Comment by George

They must have seen his music collection.

Comment by John

Except Rob is part of the generation that likes technology that has just come out but never goes anywhere. Wifi suitcase and mugs come to mind.

Comment by DH

I think he’d characterise himself as an early adopter rather than a mug.

Comment by John

OK, so I have bought both those items, but only 1 has been delivered so far and – as much as it pains me to admit – it was utterly useless. The worst bit is that I’m talking about the suitcase, so I daren’t imagine what the bloody mug will be like … that is if I ever receive it.

Comment by Rob

You still haven’t got the wifi cup? I hate to say it Rob, but I think you are a victim of vapourwear.

Comment by Bazza

“Old man shouts at cloud”

Comment by Ian Gee

Based on the packaging and product design, I don’t know if they think this product is for babies or the elderly.

Comment by Pete

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