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What – And Who – Are Trust Exercises Really For?

Years and years ago, I worked temporarily for a small company in Australia.

I hated it but I needed the money so each and every day I went there to destroy my soul.

I was not the only one.

So one day, this company announced they’d hired some specialists to help build trust between us all. The irony was there was already a lot of trust between us, it was the management we thought were dodgy bastards.

So off we go to some hotel where we are subjected to all manner of inane and condescending bullshit, when one of my colleagues announced …

“For this to work, we have to trust your bosses aren’t stupid and you’ve failed in achieving that”.

Within 2 seconds, pandaemonium happened and for all intents and purposes, we rebelled and all went to a coffee shop.

Of course management weren’t happy and a few people were fired and a lot of people were given written warnings – and while I am a big believer teams being built on trusting each other to help each other – that comes from the everyday environment, not some totally unrealistic experience in some nondescript hotel room outside of an industrial estate.

Half of the time the reason for doing it is simply for the management to say ‘they’ve spent money on training’ … which is VERY different from actually training … but none of this matters, because the only reason I’m telling this story is so I can justify showing this clip.


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the only fucking thing i miss about tom is the shit he caused. he was a selfish egotistical prick but at least his shit made me laugh at his ensuing mayhem which is more than can be said about you campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

I don’t know who Tom is but imagining him and Rob in the same company is a very interesting proposition.

Comment by Pete

If Robert is describing the incident that occurred at HHCL (and I can not imagine this happened twice) you will find the instigator was Wayne, not Thomas.

Comment by George

I also believe you will remember Robert was not as innocent in the drama as he is presenting himself.

Comment by George

that prick is never innocent of anything but ill think youll fucking find it was tom you self righteous condescending bastard.

Comment by andy@cynic

He says it happend in Australia, so it’s likely that he’s repurposed a previous event and removed himself from it.

Comment by John

I forget you all worked together before cynic. And you all thought it was a good idea to do it again. No sympathy.

Comment by DH

Or he is very confused John.

Comment by George

Hang on, I say upfront this happened in Australia, so why am I the one being told I’ve ‘lost it’?

So in short, you’re both wrong … but I know the incident you’re talking about and that was when Chime mooted sending us all on some bloody survival weekend after they had bought us and Tom [it was Tom, not Wayne … sorry George] started an uprising and then it all descended into more hell than usual.

Comment by Rob

good video. guessing forest fans.

Comment by andy@cynic

Forest fans don’t have the wit to organise a fake video that they can sell to some crappy TV show for £250.

Comment by John

I bet the tech that filmed it on was nicked.

Comment by DH

The way the current Forest owner is treating the fans, I’m pretty sure few would even want to acknowledge the team they support. The good news is he is supposed to be selling us today. To an American. Let’s hope it’s not out of the frying pan into the fire.

Comment by Rob

Someone should do a study on what companies class as training. They should also look into the reasons they increase their spending dramatically. Rarely is the reason solely for training and in my experience, rarely are those investment highs followed through to the following year.

Comment by Pete

Since most managers don’t have any training (especially in marketing), it’s amazing they risk even pretending to educate their staff.

Comment by John

Yep … and the ones who have been trained have often had it from people who weren’t trained to do it. Utter shitfight.

Comment by Rob

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