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About As Subtle As A Banana Put Down A Pair Of Axl Rose’s Leather Pants …

Saw this recently on Linkedin.

Do you think it’s an employee randomly singing the praises of his company.

Or an employee who is doing this as a blatant attempt by his company to look good?

Either way, I want to smash the smarmy, corporate toady in the face.


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youre much more acceptable when you drop the fucking florence nightingale act and are true to who you are: a petty, vulgar prick with more chips on your shoulder than a takeaway. or the donald.

Comment by andy@cynic

Perfect summation.

Comment by DH

You know I take this as a compliment.

Comment by Rob

and youre right campbell, this is more transparent than a fucking greenhouse. smash every fucker who had something to do with it right in the fucking mouth.

Comment by andy@cynic

At first I thought the breaking bad sticker was to make the pwc employee look a bit more relevant. Now I realize it was to cover up the apple logo. Assholes.

Comment by DH

is he saying pwc dont have aircon in their offices? sounds about right for a bunch of penny pinching accountant pricks.

Comment by andy@cynic

I agree Andrew. The article is obviously a set-up but if you read the copy, it works as much against PWC as it does for for them. There is such a fine line between honesty and stupidity.

Comment by George

And I think PWC just walked straight across it without looking in either direction.

Comment by Rob

What’s he designing, Excel sheets?

Comment by DH

A business guy with a guitar is always worrying.

Comment by John

I don’t think I would classify him as a business guy. Not in the cliched sense of the word. But that’s not why you were saying it, was it Mr Dodds. See … you’re as see-through as PWC’s “stealth marketing”.

Comment by Rob

I’m all about clear communication.

Comment by John

I don’t care if he’s using a mac, he’s not s designer.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I think the financial industry is now Apple’s biggest market for Macs. Baz?

Comment by George

That sucking sound isn’t the aircon.

Comment by Ian Gee

How can Jethro hate the heat? He’s not even a ginger.

Comment by Billy Whizz

But according to his Linkedin he was a Genius.

Comment by John

According to Linkedin, everyone is a genius.

Comment by George

[…] About As Subtle As A Banana Put Down A Pair Of Axl Rose’s Leather Pants … […]

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*You* want to smash him in the face? Imagine being a colleague and seeing this self-aggrandising, brown-nosing shite being posted…

Comment by Bean Counter

Excellent point, well made.

Comment by Rob

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