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Lazy Or Stupid?

So recently, I saw this ad in Shanghai …

Can you see the problem?

Have another look?

Yes … apart from the words CAR FREE DAY, they’ve literally used Lorem Ipsum for the rest of the text.

And for those who don’t know what Lorem Ipsum is … it’s dummy text used by the advertising and printing industry when space has to be left for copy but it hasn’t been written yet.

Now I appreciate we’re in China so there’s a small possibility the people behind the ad didn’t speak English so didn’t realise the difference.

But I have to be honest, I don’t really believe that.

And even if it was true, what about the people who commissioned the work?

Seriously, this might be one of the laziest/stupidest things I’ve seen in a long, long time.

This is an amazing country that is developing at an incredible rate but when I see stuff like this, I am reminded so much of it’s progress is based on the aesthetic because under the surface ‘good enough, is good enough’ still permeates so much of what passes as standards.


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is this the proof doddsy has been after to show absofuckinglutely no one reads long copy.

Comment by andy@cynic

Further proof.

Comment by John

Further proof.

I like your style John. [Which isn’t saying much from someone without any]

Comment by Rob

what if lorem ipsum means something in chinese?

what if youre being a racist fuck for this post?

i hope so. i really fucking hope so.

Comment by andy@cynic

No it doesn’t … so bad luck.

Comment by Rob

The stupidest thing I’ve seen recently was in the mirror.

Comment by John

could be worse, you could look like campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

I would love to know how this really happened. Hysterical.

Comment by Georgd

With thanks to my youngest daughter for smacking the keyboard just as I was pressing “post comment” and finding a way to respell my name.

Comment by George

abbys just been more innovative than her old man has ever fucking been.

Comment by andy@cynic

You are not the first to say such a thing.

Comment by George

Follow the creative.

Comment by John

Great way to stop people talking about the crap design.

Comment by DH

You should write all your briefs like that Rob.

Comment by DH

Some would say I already do.

Comment by Rob

I’m one of them.

Comment by DH

were all fucking one of them.

Comment by andy@cynic

I would put my money on the client doing their own media and sending a work-in-progress PDF to the printer without the agency knowing.

Comment by Leon

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