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Harrison Ford Proves What It Means To Be Two-Faced …
May 2, 2017, 6:15 am
Filed under: A Bit Of Inspiration

I know he wasn’t a Jedi, but let’s be honest – only a Jedi could pull this off.

Maybe that’s the final twist to all the Star Wars movies.

You heard it hear first.


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If this is what the posts are going to be like when you’re back at work, I think you should have another day off.

Comment by DH

You kidding? This is much better than his normal shit. Less words.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Are you saying you miss my long rambling rants Dave?
I knew it!!!

Comment by Rob

I’m just glad Andy isn’t here to see this, it might kill him off.

Comment by DH

Oh come on, it’s not as bad as some of the stuff I’ve written. When he’s back from his holiday, I’ll make sure he sees this post to prove it.

Comment by Rob

The quality of this blog never ceases to amaze me.

Comment by John

Always surprising.

Comment by Pete

I’m glad you’re not directing the movies Rob.

Comment by Pete

Maybe he had a stroke.

Comment by Bazza

Wow, that’s pretty bad Baz.

Comment by Rob

I laughed.

Comment by Billy Whizz

First time for everything.

Comment by Bazza

Based on this recent post, and connecting the dots, I’d say your next venture is at Lucasfilm. Or Bad Robot.
What do I win?

Comment by S Angelo

I know what he’s doing and it’s not Lucasfilm. I’m glad because he would launch Jar Jar Binks movies just to piss off the world.

Comment by Bazza

Though one of the things he’s doing isn’t too far from this so you should demand your prize. Expect something you don’t want.

Comment by Bazza

hear here hear here hear here.. heard

Comment by MattyD

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