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Hello America …
May 23, 2017, 10:32 pm
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I have good news and bad news.

The good is this post does not signal the full return of this blog.

The bad is I have still written a post.

Before I begin, to everyone who entered the APSOTW … we’re close to having consolidated feedback and it will [hopefully] be posted in a couple of weeks. Huge apologies for the delay, but with the move – and the usual ‘herding sheep’ – it’s taken longer than I would have liked.

As for the move. Well, after an incredibly emotional goodbye we – Jill, Otis, Rosie the cat and myself – got to America unscathed.

I have to say it was weird having Rosie on board with us – hearing her meow – but given how quickly she acclimatised to her new surroundings, it obviously was a much better experience for her than the other times she has flown in the cargo.

We have been here just under a week and while it’s been rather hectic – organising social security numbers and driving tests and looking for places to live, not to mention enduring some rather extreme jetlag – it has been pretty special.

Not just because we got to spend time together exploring our new surroundings, but because we had family visiting America so we got to hang out with them too.

But more than that, everyone has been super nice to us. Everyone.

Strangers, government officials, [soon-to-be-new] colleagues … people have gone out of their way to make us feel welcomed.

Even the immigration officer was nice when we entered the country and that literally has never happened to me before.

There is a little park near us where we have taken Otis on a number of occasions. Every single time, a different family have come up to us and said hello and offered to help with anything we need. Even if they’re just saying it – and I don’t think they are as they gave us their phone numbers – I’ve got to be honest, it’s pretty lovely.

And don’t get me started on how amazing the community-run, hippy, mandarin-speaking, creative-focused pre-school is …

Of course it’s early days so I know I’ll find stuff that drives me fucking insane [like the whole tipping protocol] but when I see the smile on Otis’ face as he runs along the beach, I know that as much as I love – and miss – China, this was the right thing to do for my little family.

So of course, now I am in a new country, I need a new blog header and as you can see from above, Jill has worked her magic again.

Or should I say, worked her imagination.

Though after 6 days in LA, I must admit I have grown to have a bit more respect for Mr Hulk Hogan, because how anyone can have a body like that when every place serves food in quantities that would be too much for an elephant, is anyone’s guess.

I miss you China but I like you LA.

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tell jill she forgot to add a bunch of fucked up, fucking expensive gadgets and an endless stream of bullshit tshirts.

Comment by andy@cynic

She didn’t forget. That’s called love.

Comment by Rob

theyre only nice because yanks are still a sucker for a brit accent. give them time, even the biggest fucking airhead will work that out eventually.

Comment by andy@cynic

Another reason to hate the west coast.

Comment by DH


Comment by Billy Whizz

Brian Clough is pointing at you and saying “I don’t like that.”

Comment by DH

And having you post at the start of my day rather than the end is screwing with my routine. Maybe you should go back to China.

Comment by DH

I know exactly what you mean Robert. It took me a while to feel comfortable with their enthusiastic generosity. See you very soon.

Comment by George

“Enthusiastic generosity”. Yep, that sums it up perfectly.

Comment by Rob

Don’t worry Rob, you’ll see the other side of them when they start working with you.

Comment by Bazza

How long do you give them?

Comment by Rob

My guess is that they take one look at your outfit and assume you’re homeless.

Comment by John

Brilliant. i won’t get mugged then.

Comment by Rob

They are known for kicking vagrants.

Comment by Bazza

See! LA optimism is already rubbing off on you.

Comment by Pete

no one in their right fucking mind would rub anything off on campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

You arrive in California. The Pacific Highway throws itself into the sea. Coincidence? I think not.

Comment by John

therell be a fuckload of californians doing the same fucking thing within weeks.

Comment by andy@cynic

As Rumpole put it: “It’s a nice place to live, if you’re an orange”.

(Love the new masthead, BTW).

Comment by Ian Gee

except his fucking face is whiter than his body.

Comment by andy@cynic

oh i know why, because he keeps his fucking head in the sand while all the shit hes caused goes on around him. jills a fucking genius.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s a cry for help.

Comment by DH

And he’s using Arnie’s body. Clive James said it was like looking at ‘a condom full of walnuts’.

Comment by Ian Gee

I think it’s Hulk Hogan. Clive James comment still applies.

Comment by Pete

You mentioned birkenstocks in an interview about your new job! Are you being paid by them?

Comment by DH

According to the article, today is your first day. Good luck. Not to you, but the planners at Deutsch.

Comment by DH

It is … in a few hours in fact.

Worse, there’s a blog post about it coming.

And you thought it was just the people at Deutsch who were about to have a bad day.

Comment by Rob

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