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Out Of The Times …
June 22, 2017, 6:15 am
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The Times.

One of the icons of newspapers and journalism.

Not just in the UK, but across the whole World.

Sure, there have been scandals along the way – not to mention the Murdoch ownership – but overall, it is still a paper that commands huge respect which is why I found this recent ad of theirs on Facebook rather baffling.

Yes, I know football is a global sport worth billions of pounds a year.

Yes, I know The Times have a football writer, Henry Winter, that is highly revered.

Yes, I know that Facebook audiences may be more likely to react to a football story than a journalism story.

But …. come on.

It’s the fucking Times.

And while having a global perspectives has never been so important as it is today, I’m not sure football – or Jose Mourinho for that matter – is going to drive the subscriptions they crave, especially when there are so many more topical [and important] issues they could push against … whether that’s the politically motivated movement to promote anything that challenges a claim as false news or even the tragic terrorist events that have taken place in London in the last few days.

While I appreciate the need to broaden your audience base is vital, chasing them never leads to long term success because ultimately you are handing over your destiny to people who could change their allegiance in a heartbeat, especially when there are so many other alternatives all vying for your attention.

As I wrote a while back, if you don’t commit to what you were created for, then how can you ever expect your audience to commit to what you stand for.

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anything murdoch touches is poisoned. didnt you fucking know that by now?

Comment by andy@cynic

So what you’re saying is Rob is the Murdoch of brands.

Comment by DH

i am and i didn’t even fucking realize it. fuck im good.

Comment by andy@cynic

I might be a lot of things, but I’m not a Murdoch of anything thank-you-very-much.

Comment by Rob

For Rob.

Comment by DH

Cheeky sod.

Comment by Rob

Very funny David.

Comment by George

unless you know of a london terrorist tragedy that i dont, im guessing you fucking pre wrote this didnt you.

Comment by andy@cynic

Looks like Rob’s just secured a job in the Trump administration.

Comment by DH

that last paragraph is almost good. admitting that has fucking has ruined my day. better treat me like a fucking king on saturday to make up for it.

Comment by andy@cynic

If you rate this then there is no higher compliment.

Comment by Pete

The greatest accolade I’ve ever had.

Comment by Rob

The Times is still more up to date than you.

Comment by DH

The Times is still a good newspaper.
Their marketing isn’t.

Comment by Lee Hill

Nothing reveals who you are as much as a tough situation.

Comment by George

By that reckoning, Murdoch is a man with principals given the News of the World situation. And we all know that’s not the case.

Comment by Rob

That’s told me.

Comment by George

It’s reassuring to know Rob is still as aggressive as he always has been.

Comment by Pete

Facebook correctly identified you as someone in need of a football education. It failed to realise that the only discounts to which you respond are the 100% ones.

Comment by John

Or a free holiday. (Sorry Rob)

Comment by Pete

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