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When Culture Bleeds Into Culture …

You know you lived in Shanghai when you’re driving, see the sign above and think it’s a Chinese street name rather than how American’s roadsigns say ‘pedestrian crossing’.

I wish I was joking, but I’m not.

How I passed my driving test is anybody’s guess.

I’ve got to be honest, while I am really enjoying my time in the US, I am finding it harder to adapt to certain things than I thought I would.

Not just because I feel my frame-of-reference is more Asian based than American, but because there are some things I am being subjected to that I just never encountered before.

To be honest, this is a post for another day – because it’s actually been quite challenging for me – but let me just leave you with this as a ‘teaser’ for next time.

I had just been in a very, VERY boring meeting with someone.

When I got out, I was asked how it had been.

I replied, “I feel I’ve just been brain raped”.

Their mouth almost hit the floor. Literally hit-the-floor.

Trust me, there’s so many more stories like that. I’m amazed I’m still allowed in the country.


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While I recognise your general point, I have to say that, in this case, I think you might have deservedly got that reaction in a lot of countries.

On the other hand, they were probably mocking the idea that you have a brain and should be fired immediately.

Comment by John

brainrape is fucking offensive. except when you work in advertising and then its a fucking fact.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s tame by advertising standards.

Comment by DH

You’re right John … I agree. It was wrong and I do regret that. Mind you, it’s not just overt shit statements that offend, I was pulled up for saying “… lets ask the guys what they think” [referring to the creative department] and was told I was being sexist.

I dealt with that comment rather differently than the way I’ve dealt with the other, ha.

Comment by Rob

another reason i fucking hate la.

Comment by andy@cynic

You should read the recent code of conduct everyone was sent here. Mindblowing.

Comment by George

Careful George, you might get fired.

Comment by Bazza

fuck me, auntie george is turning into that michael douglas character in falling down. well, the george version of it, which is frowning rather than shooting fuckers in the face.

Comment by andy@cynic

America has no idea what your mouth is capable of.

Comment by George

he makes the north korea threat feel like america is being bad mouthed by fucking belgium.

Comment by andy@cynic

this is what happens when you live in fucking happy clappy lalaland.

the only good things being in the same country as you is knowing youre going to wipe the positivity off those kale eating fucks faces and i live on the opposite coast to you.

Comment by andy@cynic

The side that’s further from Guam

Comment by John

It’s like the 4th July and I’m just sitting back waiting for the fireworks.

Comment by DH

It should be an amazing show.

Comment by Rob

or a total fucking anticlimax.

Comment by andy@cynic

So here I am. Back again. Just look at the state of this post.

Comment by Marcus Brown

You’ve got some nerve after the post you caused yesterday.

Comment by DH

well fucking said.

Comment by andy@cynic

Not my fucking fault.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Hello Marcus …

Comment by Rob

Are you entirely sure it’s not that America needs to get used to you rather than the other way around?

Comment by northern

since when has campbell ever fucking thought that way?

Comment by andy@cynic

You are discovering the differences between American and British culture.

Comment by Lee Hill

Office culture is even more different.

Comment by George

Oh yes … at least at certain levels of a company. It’s honestly very freaky for me.

Comment by Rob

The bit I forgot to add is that one of my colleagues came up to me after I’d opened my mouth and asked, “Did you ask for the information you got in the meeting?”

When I said yes, she then told me I couldn’t claim it was rape as I asked for it. One of the strangest conversations I’ve ever had in my life. And that’s saying something.

Comment by Rob


Comment by John

I love this

Comment by ndokouh

Somewhere out there there’s an automated HR company readying a display ad featuring a likeness of Rob.

Comment by northern

And then I’ll be able to bring down automated marketing forever.

Comment by Rob

Just do your swearing in Mandarin, Rob.

Comment by Ian Gee

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