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When Your Confidence Shows Your Insecurity …

So I was in San Francisco Airport recently when I saw this …

Putting aside the fact there is a Christian bookshop in an airport, I find their attempt to validate their religion through the use of the word ‘science’ hysterical.

Of course they’re not the only one who do it … ad agencies have a long history of labelling departments with pompous monikers to give it an air of validation. Or importance.

But here’s the thing, adding the word ‘science’ doesn’t make any religion scientific … just like adding the word ‘innovation’ to a media department doesn’t mean their media plan suddenly rivals the output of Silicon Valley.

In fact, a religion using the word ‘science’ is particularly offensive given they have spent decades basically declaring war on any scientist who has dared to disprove the things they believe without question.

Look, I’m all for people following a belief system – and I appreciate there’s times where getting others to embrace what you follow is valuable – but when you use terminology that represents the opposite of what you believe, all you’re doing is creating more walls rather than less.

Of course there may be another reason they did this.

Maybe it has nothing to do with winning others over and is simply to make themselves – and the people who follow them – feel even more important.

And if that’s the case, then they doubly deserve the ridicule they get, because anyone who believes the only way forward is to ignore the views of others has no idea how to truly make a difference in the World.


I say all this but maybe there is a God because there will be no blog posts for you to suffer on Monday and Tuesday as I’ll be traveling. Now you can really enjoy your weekend, can’t you.


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fortunately for you campbell, you were going to hell before you wrote this fucking post.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by DH

Let’s be honest, I’ll be seeing all of you there with the exception of George and Lee.

Comment by Rob

maybe its because the fuckers are richer than god and use this faith bollocks as a smokescreen to hide their loot from the fucking taxman. like the mafia.

Comment by andy@cynic

I agree Rob. That sign makes me feel uncomfortable every time I’m there.

Comment by Bazza

Are you sure that’s the cause of your discomfort/guilt?

Comment by John

Because I sold my soul to satan?

Comment by Bazza

I had nothing specific in mind. Was just asking the question. But it’s interesting that you associate Rob with the devil.

Comment by John

Are you saying you don’t?

Comment by Bazza

The devil gets a bad enough press as it is.

Comment by John

At least you got an excellent price Baz.

Comment by Rob

you both fucking robbed him blind.

Comment by andy@cynic

Science? Like advertising is science? Guffaw guffaw.

Comment by DH

Yeah, exactly like that …

Comment by Rob

So you’re travelling on Monday and there’s an eclipse on Monday? Coincidence – I think not.

Comment by John

his fucking big head could eclipse the fucking galaxy.

Comment by andy@cynic

I was about to say where is today’s post before I remembered you are away.
And to think some people say solar eclipses are a precursor of bad news.

Comment by DH

That particular denomination uses the word science because it rejects much of medical science and replaces it with “faith healing,” a gambit which may not help them in the long run, if one believes in natural selection.

Comment by theo

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