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My whole family are connected to the law.

Not the bullshit, sharp-suit, high-charging wankers we hear so much about these days, but the guys fighting for genuine justice.

My father in particular hated what the legal industry had become … from being a discipline that fought for justice to one that now tries to keep problems going so they can keep charging exorbitant fees.

So what has that got to do with the picture of these Gummy Pandas.

Well, I saw these in a local Starbucks and I just thought how mad this was allowed to exist.

We all know it’s a take on Gummy Bears.

We all know they’re trying to steal business from Gummy Bears.

We all know they’re trying to make people think they’re getting Gummy Bears.

OK, so it’s a bloody sweet that you don’t really pay much attention to … but if this was a person, it would be identity theft and yet companies continue to pay huge amounts to law firms to protect their hard work when anyone can set up what is basically a duplicate brand by simply changing a letter or – in the case of Uncle Martian – not even putting in that effort.

Anyway, the real reason I’m writing this is because I wanted an excuse to link to my favorite ever Amazon reviews for [Sugar Free] Gummy Bears and I assure you, it’s way, waaaaay, waaaaaaaaay more enjoyable than this post.

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This link was better than this post.

Comment by DH

You make it sound like I didn’t already know that.

Comment by Rob

Just wanted to be sure.

Comment by DH

But I am impressed that you linked identity theft to gummy bears. I don’t believe it but I like that you tried.

Comment by DH

Always pushing the boundaries of implausibility.

Comment by Rob

You should be working for Trump.

Comment by DH

back with a vengeance. a vengeance against fucking interesting.

Comment by andy@cynic

guess what youre getting for fucking christmas.

Comment by andy@cynic

Great, I need something to give to all the neighbours.

Comment by Rob

Today is going to be a long day for me and the link made me laugh out loud. Thank you for that.

Comment by George

Isn’t it always a long day for you?

Comment by Rob

“Longer” day.

Comment by George

must be so fucking hard getting paid a fucking fortune to talk to nerds about nerd shit. yeah, my heart is bleeding purple fucking puss for you.

Comment by andy@cynic

I can always trust you to be sympathetic Andrew.

Comment by George

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