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Plane Crash Marketing …

Turkish Airlines have a history of questionable advertising decisions and it seems they still haven’t learnt their lesson because I’m not really sure flying an ad for their airline behind a micro-plane is the best branding idea I’ve ever seen.

That said, it will probably win a Cannes Gold next year.


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This is your comeback post?
I take back what I said yesterday.

Comment by DH

what the fuck were you expecting?

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by andy@cynic

I thought at one point he’d have to come good. Guess I was wrong.

Comment by DH

see my previous fucking comment.

Comment by andy@cynic

Dave, that’s the best – albeit backhanded – compliment I’ve ever had.

Comment by Rob

That plane fits 200 people in Turkish economy.
For the record Rob, economy is what normal people fly. You would have it in the planes you go in but you’ve never turned right.

Comment by Bazza

when he gets use of a private plane, that is when i kill myself.

Comment by andy@cynic

Working on it.

Comment by Rob

Can you stop making me sound like a little Prince. I fly economy. Worse, I fly US economy which is possibly the worst flying experience you can get.

Comment by Rob

1 flight in 100 that’s economy doesn’t make you a man of the people.

Comment by DH


Comment by andy@cynic

I would suggest it’s the second worst experience. Finding that you’re in the seat next to you being the worst. Obviously.

Comment by John

[…] but the majority are the sort of bland, stupid bollocks I’ve ranted about from Singapore and Turkish […]

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