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Why Am I The Bald, Beardy, 4-Eyes That All Other Bald, Beardy, 4-Eyes Are Measured By …
October 23, 2017, 6:15 am
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I was recently tagged on instagram by someone called ‘leatherslife’.

For the record, I don’t know this person and – as far as I know – have never met this person and yet they seem to have a level of insight on me that is both impressive and frightening.

[I’m ignoring the fact it also means I’m utterly predictable]

Anyway, this is what they said …

Yep, poor John Boiler – ex-W+K ECD extroidinaire, founder of 72&Sunny and my office neighbour – was [initially] mistaken for me simply because he is a bald, beardy and 4-eye.

Imagine having an amazing career, doing incredible work and starting a phenomenal company and being mistaken for a birkenstock-wearing Brit … well, mistaken until I open my mouth, show my work or reveal my footwear.

Terrible for him, brilliant for me.

Thank you leatherslife.

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So it’s not enough to ruin your reputation on here, you’ve decided it would be fun to ruin others too. What a return.

Comment by DH

I’m an equal opportunity ruiner of reputation.

Comment by Rob

I thought we were enhancing his reputation.

Comment by John

And you only wear a shirt for court appearances, like a true member of Nottingham.

Comment by DH

I didn’t even do that last time. Though to be fair, I was in Paris and supposedly on holiday. But that’s a very long time ago … I’m dead mature these days.

Comment by Rob

the good news is boiler lives in la so he can easily pop round to smash you in the fucking face for insulting him. and don’t give me any of that “it wasnt me”, youve been living off creative bastards talent for fucking decades even if it now is you trying to look like them. prick.

Comment by andy@cynic

Worse, I’m having coffee with him soon. It was supposedly to say “hello”, I now think it will end with me in the ER department.

Comment by Rob

why the fuck do they fall for you every fucking time?

Comment by andy@cynic

Welcome back Robert. I am fairly certain I am happier about this than Mr Boiler.

Comment by George

maybe campbell should write posts comparing him to trump and that north korea fuckwit and have them resign in disgust. or it might make them press the nuke button in shame. forget that idea campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Is that why you avoided me in NYC?

Comment by Rob

no, i avoided you because i want to fucking avoid you.

Comment by andy@cynic

I still have so much to learn from you Andy.

Comment by DH

You need to get out more then George.

Comment by Rob

He got out of town quick enough when you arrived.

Comment by John

youll be happy as fuck to learn ive been out on the piss with some 72 ny guys and ive told them to show boiler this post in the morning. something tells me your cosy drink is going to get replaced with a fucking lawyers letter.

Comment by andy@cynic

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