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Money Changes How You Look But Reflects Who You Are …
November 6, 2017, 6:15 am
Filed under: Attitude & Aptitude, Before Fame, Confidence

Remember last month I showed that photo of the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his metamorphosis from nerd in 1998 to Terminator in 2017?

Well it’s obviously not an isolated incident because here’s Elon Musk … though unlike Mr Bezos, it appears he spent some of his billions on a hair transplant. But then, when you read what his ex-wife said about him, he might be a genius but he’s also a vain, little prick.

Something it appears the first Mrs Bezos would agree with.


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I don’t understand what Mrs Bezos has to do with this. Can you explain your thinking?

Comment by John

Money made their husbands bigger dicks and revise history.

Comment by DH

But she’s still married to Bezos.

Comment by John

Yes. He’s still married to her but she did write that critical review of his book. That is a very strong marriage.

Comment by George


Comment by Rob

congrats campbell. youve just qualified for a job with the trump administration. twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

He did that the moment he got a job in advertising.

Comment by DH

I like Mrs Bezos immensely.

Comment by Lee Hill

Reading how his and Bezos’ exes got revenge, my first thought was how lucky Andy will feel when he reads it.

Comment by DH

Have you forgotten what #1 was like? I say they got off lightly.

Comment by Rob

careful campbell, i might mistake that as a fucking act of support.

Comment by andy@cynic

Don’t they say money reveals who you really are?
Not doubting the genius of Musk or Bezos, but their character is more akin to a Marvel or Bond movie villain than someone you’d want your children to emulate.

Comment by George

i could live with it if bonnie kept me in a life of fucking luxury.

Comment by andy@cynic

[…] to show how to do this with responsibility and humour for the benefit of the planet [unlike how he conducts his personal life], then I think he has just introduced humanity to an incredibly exciting chapter in it’s […]

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