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It Seems I Am The Fine Line Between Famous And Infamous …

How is your 2018 going so far?

I know it’s still early days – but is it looking good or bad?

Well, if it’s looking positive, I’m about to ruin it for you and if it is looking dodgy, I’m going to help you solidify your opinion.


Well, a few weeks ago, a nice guy called Paul McEnany asked if he could interview me about my career.

While I’m sure his reasoning for his request was to help planners learn what not to do, my ego said yes even before my mouth did … and while the end result is the bastard love child of rambling randomness and base-level swearing, it’s the perfect way to justify your pessimism for 2018 or to ensure your optimism for the new year doesn’t get too high.

So go here and errrrrm, enjoy [if that’s the right word for it, which it isn’t] and after you’ve heard my crap, listen to the brilliant interviews with people like Gareth Kay, Russell Davies, Richard Huntingdon, Martin Weigel and the amazing Chris Riley because apart from being hugely interesting and inspiring, you’ll get the added bonus of [1] undeniable proof I’m a massive imposter and [2] the knowledge that if I can have some sort of semi-successful career in advertising, you certainly can.

You’re welcome.

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monday has just fucking hit peak shit monday.

Comment by andy@cynic

and the only reason im going to listen to it is so i know what to tell my lawyer to sue you for.

Comment by andy@cynic

In that case you’re going to be keeping them very busy.

Comment by Rob

busier than any divorce.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thanks Rob, I’m never going to suffer from insomnia again.

Comment by DH

I’ve listened to it and enjoyed it. It made me wish we were allworking together again but I will come to my senses shortly.

Comment by George

Not too quickly please.

Comment by Rob

Your mischievousness shines through Robert.

Comment by Pete

This is going to be an hour of my life I never get back.

Comment by Bazza

You and me both.

Comment by Rob

I’m actually listening to it.

Comment by Marcus Brown

There’s a lot of swearing.

Comment by Marcus Brown

what the fuck were you expecting?

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Marcus Brown

I have been listening to this series for a while. There are many that are very good, specifically Chris Riley’s, but your talk has the refreshing energy that I have come to expect from you.

Comment by Lee Hill

I must add how good it was to hear you talk about your focus on elevating the talent in your team. Too few say that. Well done.

Comment by Lee Hill

That’s because they do all the work and he wants to keep them on side. Or less off side.

Comment by DH

OK, I’ve listened to it all now (I went to the pub halfway through). I very much enjoyed it, although I do think the commentators on this blog were sold short.

Comment by Marcus Brown

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