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Thank You For Pretending To Pay Attention …

So I was listening to the radio recently when an ad for Charles Schwab – the investment people – came on.

And do you know what the message was?

‘We really listen to what you’re saying’.

Now I understand the importance of listening [believe it or not] but is that really the big reason to use Charles Schwab?

Isn’t that one of the basic bloody pre-requisites of being a good financial advisor?

What next, ‘we always check our biro’s are working so you can sign all our paperwork’.

I get financial institutions don’t want to commit to actually saying they make you any money – or even selling you a policy in your interests rather than theirs – but come on, isn’t this just a bit insulting?

Not only that, it smacks of a company that is only hearing what they want you to say rather than what you’re actually saying.

What’s your point of view on the financial markets?

What’s your point of view on money?

What’s your point of view on cryptocurrency?

Tell me anything, except when you come into my home, you’re listening.

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Should I get excited that you’re returning to your angry man persona? Probably not.

Comment by DH

fucking idiot.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thanks for the misguided moment of confidence Dave.

Comment by Rob

You’re right about Schwab. I heard their website on the radio and I was left confused with why they think that would make me want to work with them when that is the least I’d expect someone to do. The financial services have learnt nothing from the financial crash have they? Then I don’t think the public have either.

Comment by DH

why would they learn anything when the banking fuckers got away with everything.

Comment by andy@cynic

could that print as be any more fucking condescending?

they believe meaningful conversations help people to their goals? no fucking shit. if thats the insight they have on their customers its no fucking surprise they dont do anything worthwhile for anyone but themselves. wankers.

Comment by andy@cynic

and their shit attempt to make themselves more approachable by saying “talk to chuck”. makes me want to fucking kill them all. i don’t want a friend i want the fuckers to do for me what they take a huge fucking fee to do.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes … I don’t know if I’d ever trust someone called Chuck with something important to me. It also highlights how stupid they think their audience are. Mind you, given how they didn’t face any legal action over what the industry did to the World in 2008, maybe they’re right.

Comment by Rob

It is bad. What makes it even worse is Prudential ran a long term campaign on listening so it appears Charles Schwab cannot even think badly for themselves.

Comment by Lee Hill

Bad lazy. Sums them all up perfectly.

Comment by DH

i wish noel and liam would listen and get the band back together..

Comment by Niko

Have you read the full copy of the ad you posted Robert? They talk about how Fortune awarded them the title of most admired company (fortune securities category) in 2011. Seven years ago. Who would want to work with an organization so happy to be living in the past.

Comment by George

I hadn’t seen that. Oh god, just when you think it couldn’t get any worse …

I remember at Y&R they had pictures all over reception saying ‘Agency Of The Year’, despite it being well over 12 months ago, so I wrote ‘last’ between the words ‘The and Year’ and got into a whole heap of trouble for it, despite just telling the truth. Haha.

Comment by Rob

You’d be disappointed if I didn’t point out that the press ad comes from 2011. So, I will.

I’ll also point out that this means they’ve been flogging the same platitude for more than six years.

Comment by John

6 years out of date? on brand for campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

I should have guessed. But even without the Fortune reference, the ad is terrible and not that different to the campaign they are running here now.

Comment by George

I assumed guessing was frowned on in Mountain View.

Comment by John

more like questioning is fucking frowned on.

Comment by andy@cynic

I have a decent number of bank accounts including HSBC Premier (your favorite people), a private bank in NYC & Charles Schwab.

Can you guess which one treats me the best? Schwab. Unlike with the private bank or HSBC I don’t have a dedicated person that I can call at any hour, but every time I have contacted Schwab they are super efficient and go above and beyond what I expect.

Lastly: when you are put on hold with them they do have someone talking about their POV on markets, specific stocks, etc …

So … terribly written ad but the company behind it is actually one that I really like.

Comment by Bryan

Maybe the listening campaign is aimed at employees and leads to better service.

Comment by John

Well that’s good and I hope you’re not the only one who thinks that. But why did you choose them? Because they said they’d listen or because you needed a bank and they just happen to be much better than the competition?

Comment by Rob

Why I chose them: it was probably because they seemed better than everyone else (which doesn’t take much, admittedly…).

So it isn’t why I chose them, but it is definitely why I have stuck around.

What is the message they should convey?

Comment by Bryan

That’s good. As regards what they should say – I don’t know enough about them – but given no financial organization seems to say anything about the subject they claim to be experts on, I would say their point of view on money. Or growth. Or value would be interesting starting points.

Comment by Rob

Private bank, HSBC premier, Schwab.
I want to be Bryan’s friend.

Comment by DH

I am living proof they let anyone into “exclusive” groups

Comment by Bryan

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