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It’s Monday. Time To Get Drunk …
April 2, 2018, 6:15 am
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Yes I know it’s Monday, but as much as that’s a horrible thought, the good news is that by April Fools Day falling on a Sunday, you haven’t had to put up with one of my tragic joke posts.

Or should I say especially tragic joke posts.

The reason I wanted to make that point clearly is because of this …

I know … a Queen-loving tee-totaller and an ex-alcoholic lead singer sounds like this should be a massive joke, but there you go, another example truth can be stranger than fiction.

I will be taking orders soon ….


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if it tastes like diet coke i will kill you.

Comment by andy@cynic

How will I know, I won’t be tasting it.

Comment by Rob

you also owe me a lifetimes supply for fucking free for putting up with this bullshit for years.

Comment by andy@cynic

You never take orders.

Comment by John

Except from Otis. Or the ghost of Freddie Mercury.

Comment by DH

What’s the betting he’s working on the Metallicamobile?

Comment by DH

I mean car, not the thing you hang over babies beds.

Comment by DH

I suggested the Metalllicar a long time ago.

Comment by John

look at you two fucks racing to the bottom.

Comment by andy@cynic

Being on this blog is the bottom.

Comment by John

Writing it is slightly more bottom.

Comment by DH

You will have to tell me the story behind this when I see you.

Comment by Lee Hill

Fancy launching Lee liquor?

Comment by Rob

Only you Robert.

Comment by George

Rob Campbell. Causing chaos since 1970.

Comment by DH

Perfect post for Easter monday. Alcohol and satan.

Comment by Bazza

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