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Marketing To The Religious Right …

Over the years I’ve written about some strange beliefs some strange people have.

For strange people, read overly religious, bigoted individuals.

First there was the gum that claimed to stop you masturbating.

Then there was the soap that made you a virgin again.

Well if that wasn’t weird enough, I recently saw this …

Now that is some headline.

It’s a headline that commands your attention.

It’s a headline that demands you delve deeper.

And when I did, I discovered that – similar to TBWA’s current approach to disruption – I left feeling more repulsed than attracted to the cause or the topic. Have a read of this …

I have read this a few times.

And even now – as I read it again – I come away shaking my head in utter dismay and disarray.

Because while I appreciate the authors beliefs are her beliefs [even though I find them unbelievably condescending, patronizing and judgmental] I also think she is fundamentally wrong because I’m pretty sure the main thing young men look for in young women is a pulse.

I’m not saying that’s right but neither is this sort of blinkered bollocks.

But here’s the thing, as blinkered bollocks as this may be … there’s a bunch of people who not only believe this, but live by it. And our industry needs to acknowledge this reality, because while we can judge all we like in our personal opinions, we have to keep an open and curious mind to what’s going on in our professional lives, because real life is a damn sight more complex, twisted and confusing than the nicely curated versions of what’s going that we like to present to the World.

If great communication is about resonance rather than relevance, then knowing the weird is way more important than knowing the convention.


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Wow. This is all Billy’s fault.

Comment by Bazza

I’m the reason that woman is bitching.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Don’t worry lady, I don’t mind if women have tats, debts or been around. You can chill.

Comment by Billy Whizz

On brand.

Comment by Bazza

Oh Billy!

Comment by Rob

Well this is even stranger than your Nottingham Forest/Hooters post. It’s interesting the woman with the judgement calls herself “the transformed Wife”. Makes me think she is someone who has turned from poacher to keeper.

Comment by Pete

She also sounds angry rather than caring. She obviously feels deeply about this subject but she is so specific that I wonder if a particular situation set her off. Fascinating.

Comment by Pete

I thought that too. Definitely a Trump supporter, which explains why there is a lack of any critical thinking, just judgement and blame.

Comment by Bazza

This woman is implying women who have tattoos or debt or have been in a previous relationship have failed to respect themselves. One of the most disrespectful attitudes I’ve read in a long time. I hope she can live up to the standards she’s throwing about.

Comment by George

The content of this post has made me very angry. Not what you’re saying Robert, just the judgement of this woman. I don’t think I should read your posts at the end of the day when I should be winding down rather than being wound up.

Comment by George

your version of angry is weaker than fucking water. except when you discover you have brought a very fucking inappropriate birthday cake home and your kids discover it. then you make the hulk look like a fucking pansy.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s a good point Pete, didn’t think of that. What has she transformed from I wonder?

Comment by Rob

That feels like it’s been algorithmically created.

Comment by Marcus

More like she has been algorithmically created. And yet she exists. And believes these views. But I do think she is being financially backed by certain people and organisations … which makes it even more distasteful.

Comment by Rob

OK. I’ve just had a quick look at her blog and she does exist. But she’s obviously swallowed a SEO handbook and knows her way around keywords. Bizarre beliefs coupled with bizarre marketing tactics. We’ll be seeing a lot more of this stuff.

Comment by Marcus

I can understand that your Nottingham upbringing might make these things alien to you, but Im more surprised by the reaction of the West Coast gang who appear to have forgotten that they live in a very puritanical country. A country where you sometimes can’t move for churches. I’m probably being harsh (because I hate reading this thing in the morning) but aren’t they making exactly the sort of judgments that you re saying they shouldn’t?

And while I get what he’s saying, I’m not sure I agree with Marcus about the SEO. On the one hand, if you blog for a period of time you do pick a bit of that up, but that doesn’t mean you’re insincere about what you’re writing.

Also, if you’re passionate/blinkered about something, you tend to frequently use certain words within your subject domain. SEO by belief rather than design, if you will, and I see that the comments suggest that a lot of the audience came via Facebook and not her SEO. That said, a form of SEO-driven evangelism has been out there for decades if not centuries.

To be clear, I have no faith myself, but some years ago I went on an Alpha course to try to understand more about what drives it. My posiiton wasn’t changed one iota, but tt was interesting to hear and observe the other attendees all of whom were believers and to read between the lines about why they believed and what void it was filling. Or user need it was meeting?

Comment by John

To be clear part 2 – I’m not implying I enjoy reading this thing at any time of day.

Comment by John

the west coast fucks are all cynical wankers because theyre not from the west coast. its the only reason i still talk to them.

Comment by andy@cynic

George doesn’t like reading this blog at night, Marcus and I don’t like reading it in the morning and you don’t like reading it at all. Will Campbell pay any notice to this gold-plated qualitative research or will he keep letting the WCW set the tone?

Comment by John

dont tell him that because then the sick bastard will double down on it.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’ll up the posts to 2 a day … 4am and 6am. Could even be the same one given none of you actually read what I say anyway.

Comment by Rob

fuck you.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m on team Andy.

Comment by DH

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