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The Art Of Listening …
November 22, 2018, 6:15 am
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I’ve written about this subject a lot, but I am still amazed how few people know how to listen.

The amount of times I’ve witnessed a conversation where the flow branches off over and over again … not because that’s where the topic is heading, but because people are moving it in different directions to satisfy their ego rather than to contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way.

The great irony is the closer you listen, the more it gives you.

Not just in terms of what you learn, but on being able to see where real opportunity is presenting itself.

The more you listen the more you gain, but it does require you really focus.

Listening is not hearing, it’s paying attention, being present even if you’re staying quiet.

I admit I wasn’t always the best at it, but the difference it made to me personally and professionally when this was pointed out to me was very strong … which is why one of the best bits of advice is don’t listen to reply, listen to understand.

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Oh you definitely listen but it’s only so you can pick up the little details to humiliate people with later. It’s an impressive ability, shame you use it for evil. Or in your mind, personal enjoyment.

Comment by Bazza

But it’s a good point. I’m in many meetings where no one is listening, they’re just waiting to say their thing. Those people make the meetings and the follow-ups even less productive.

Comment by Bazza

Are you sayng he’s pedantic?

Comment by John

No John, you are the undisputed King of that.

Comment by Rob

I’m saying he’s a nightmare.

Comment by Bazza

Insights like that are why you make the big bucks.

Comment by John

Yep. Though I prefer to define it as ‘keeping you real’.

Comment by Rob

Post rationalization.

Comment by Pete

your vindictive vicious manipulation of others is the only reason i still put up with you campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

+1 (when it’s not aimed at me)

Comment by DH

you better stop being a twat then dave.

Comment by andy@cynic

Very good post Rob. I see this every day where the attendees of meetings think only what they think matters and is worth listening to. But as you say, it is the person who is really listening to what is being said that ultimately gets to control the outcomes. Or in your case, gets to cause havoc with people which is why Baz’s comment, to quote David, is FTW.

Comment by Pete

At least it shows I’m paying attention and I’m interested in what you say. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

Comment by Rob

Huh? Did you say cat? Let me tell you about my cat.

Comment by Up In Your Business

dont set campbell off about his fucking cat.

Comment by andy@cynic

planners only listen to their own fucking voice.
they know no other fucker does.

Comment by andy@cynic

You misspelled creatives Andy

Comment by Rob (Other one)

On a different note, I…


Yeah ok. Good point.


Comment by Rob (Other one)

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