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Is This The Best Brand Video Of All Time?

Brands have been making ‘consumer films’ for decades.

You know the ones, where supposedly random people wax lyrically about how – or why – [insert brand here] is soooooo good.

Well recently I saw the best one ever made.


Even better than those ‘insane button’ clips for Tesla from years ago.

It’s for Krispy Kreme Ireland – and frankly, they are better than most movies I’ve seen recently, let alone ads.

Apart from the fact the people appearing in it appear to be genuine ‘randoms’, this recent brilliant article in The Guardian highlights just how much of an impact the Doughnut Kings/Queens have had on the Emerald Isle.

Though I think the comment, “It’s like my first lesbian kiss, I’m confused but I love it” … is literally the pinacle of all possible compliments.

So sit back, grab a box of Krispy and enjoy …

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Thanks to jetlag, I can be the first to comment for once.

Better yet, I can undermine my own post by showing what it the best brand video of all time.

Made it to hear the second half. Almost had a heart attack so many times.

Comment by Rob

What a match. To not win after scoring 5 goals is incredible. But having just watched the donut video, that is definitely the best branded content, even if it’s not authorised Krispy Kreme content.

Comment by George

Try is one of the great product review places on the web.

Comment by Pete

Maybe you need to be a Forest fan to elevate it to premium status. Ha.

Comment by Rob

I think most people would rather be sentenced to 100 years in prison with no chance of parole.

Comment by DH

Meant to say good work with Doug. He seems a nice man and you certainly are for what you did.

Comment by George

Oh he did far more for me, a wonderful man and I’m looking forward to introducing him to a few of England’s great cuisines. For great, please replace with questionable.

Comment by Rob

has he called the cops yet and say hes been abducted by the most fucked up stalker since chapman?

Comment by andy@cynic

Villa had two late goals disallowed. Further proof that judges can be wrong.

Comment by John

only you could be happy with your team fucking failing to win even though they were winning. thats nottingham shit for you right there campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Nottingham. Where not losing is winning.

Comment by DH

I want donuts now. This is your fault Rob.

Comment by Bazza

You need to watch better movies.

Comment by John

he needs to do a fuckload of shit better.

Comment by andy@cynic

Good video, though the doughnut van in Berry NSW is way better than Kracky Kreme

Comment by Rob (Other one)

To be fair, a 7-11 corndog is better than most KK’s.

Comment by Pete

Krispy Kreme. Not Kim Kardashian.

Comment by Pete

Happily I have never had a 7-11 corndog, but I expect it tastes like flour coated grease

Comment by Rob (Other one)

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