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Here We Go …

So here we are, the last month of 2018, and what a year it has been for me.

Started out in the sunny life that is Los Angeles and end it in the rainy life that is London.

From Deutsch to R/GA.

From Audi’s to the Tube.

From LA Din Tai Fung to the new London Din Tai Fung.

[Let’s be honest, I’d never of come if they weren’t here]

But I’m happy – very happy.

Sure, there’s a bunch of things I miss, but apart from the fact many of them will remain in my life for ever, the rest I can look back on as experiences I am fortunate to have had so I’m grateful I got to have them rather than sad I’ve lost them.

I know, who am I?

But all that is for a an even more boring post sometime in the next few weeks, so I’ll end this far-too-positive post with one of my new favorite songs, ‘Love Can Only Heal’, by Altered Bridge and the Slash band, Myles Kennedy.

I know you will think it’s bollocks – but apart from the fact that means you’re all a bunch of musical heathens who can’t appreciate the brilliance of a melancholy melody that’s orchestrated with a slowly building pulse of drama – you’re forgetting the alternative would be suggesting you listen to Queen.

Suddenly not so bad it is?

And it gets better … because for reasons that make no sense whatsoever, I’m going to be on my way to the US again by the time you read this. Which means you’re free from my blog rubbish till Thursday and given the following week is the final week of blog posts from me for 2018, you are exactly 7 posts away from ending the year on a positive.

If that doesn’t make you enjoy today, then nothing will.

Happy Monday.

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Maximising your free pre-christmas holidays I see.
Good to know you’re still on top blagging form.
Will I see you this trip?

Comment by Bazza

You’re safe. He is going to Miami.

Comment by Pete

I stand corrected. Rob has upped his blogging game. Miami doesn’t do it for me but I know it will be a lot nicer than London or New York this time of year. Rob still has the freebie skills. I have so much to learn. Florida is in for a terrible storm all the way from London. The amount of damage it will make is immeasurable, especially to whoever is covering his travel charges.

Comment by Bazza

Years of practice has led to this moment.

Comment by Rob

Big year for you Robert. But then so was the previous one moving from China to America. I had to check it was only last year that happened as your time in China already feels a lifetime ago. I’m sure it does to you even more so.

It is almost as strange a feeling as you ending this post with a Myles Kennedy track.

Comment by Pete

Rob was still in China last year?

Comment by Bazza

May 2017.

Comment by Pete


Comment by George

I know. Seems so long ago and yet it isn’t really. Though in China years, it’s at least 8. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Is that because of the speed China changes or how they felt having to deal with you.

Comment by DH

Keep posting tunes.

Comment by Meg

youre never going to survive on here with that sort of supportive shit meg.

Comment by andy@cynic

America again? You may end up being here for longer than you actually lived here. Safe travels Robert.

Comment by George

There’s a good possibility of that as I may be there next week and the week after.

Comment by Rob

fuck me youre not giving rga any warm up period to your ways. i dont know if im impressed of fucking concerned for their safety. oh fuck them, this is what they get for hiring you.

Comment by andy@cynic

Some people never learn.

Comment by DH

i land in fucking shitchester and suddenly this week looks alright even if i surrounded by fucking mancs. time all your bagging to coincide when im away from now on campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s almost as bad as visiting Nottingham.

Comment by DH

Why are you in Manchester?

Comment by George

I assume it’s Manchester.

Comment by George

Andrew? Are you still alive?

Comment by George

It’s ‘Alter Bridge’ btw. Have a good trip. Yours in pedantry M x

Comment by Mark Hancock (@Holycow)

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