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It’s A Matter Of Taste …

Before I start, let me ensure your Friday is even better than if you were being bathed in a sea of Crunchies by letting you know next week there will basically be no posts as I’m going to be back in the good ol’ USA.

Now I’ve given you a deep sense of joy, let me rip that away from you with some bitching.

So I saw this ad for Kontor – a company that helps other companies find their perfect space.

Now I appreciate I have the style sense of an Australian [Boom Tish] but I must admit I am a bit confused regarding the image they’re using in the ad.

If it’s an example of an office environment they think is good, then I am afraid they’re badly mistaken.

It feels more like a hotel restaurant in any 3 star business hotel you can find across the US.

Or the Costa Coffee boardroom.

But if they’re trying to make it look like the sort of office environment a company would want to move away from … an office environment that Kontor can help them find … then I hate to say it, but it’s not bad enough.

Let me be a bit clearer …

Yes, it’s horrific, but in terms of an image for use in an ad on a tube, it’s no where near horrific – or nice – enough to make whatever point they want to make and so for the poor schmuck stuck on the tube looking at it, you end up wondering if Kontor have as bad taste as me both in terms of what they hate and what they love.

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I agree Robert. A terrible choice of image for the simple fact it is neither too terrible nor too good. Maybe someone should tell them advertising is supposed to communicate a clear point of view, not confuse. Looking forward to seeing you next week. Travel safe.

Comment by George

Bizarre. I assumed they were yet another co-working space, but their website identiifes them as a company that finds you the ideal workplace and helps you move. The website also features office spaces that look better and would remind you of the hipster hotels you’ll enjoy frequenting next week.

Comment by John

I did too John, which would make that image choice an even more unwise choice. I hope they’re better at office relocation than they are advertising.

Comment by George

That was my first reaction too John – which is why I thought the image was even worse given part of WeWorks strategy is environment and these guys were way off anywhere approaching that. As it happens they’re even worse. Ha.

Comment by Rob

coworking spaces look like the insides of a shitty wetherspoons pub.

Comment by andy@cynic

But do they have an office with a questionable bedroom in it and a library that needs a ladder angled so steep only an acrobat could reach the top? No. Only cynic managed to find that unique space. Unfortunately.

Comment by Bazza

See you Tuesday. You know you are paying don’t you?

Comment by Bazza

No, he’s expecting freebies.

Comment by John

Let’s see how that works out for you Baz.

Comment by George

Guess I won’t be seeing you then Baz.

Comment by Rob

I seem to remember it being sold to us as distinctive and innovative. A better repositioning I am yet to find.

Comment by George

Reminds me of that old Nationwide ad, ‘compact and bijou’.

Comment by Rob

you ungrateful fuck. youre smaller than a mouse and we still gave you a full sized desk and chair. everyday was like business class for you.

Comment by andy@cynic

It looks like the food court in a hospital. LOVE the exposed pipes overhead. so cozy. I looked at that and wanted to physically put on an extra sweater.

Comment by judyt54

you should put a photo of your house up campbell. didnt some fucker once think you had loads of kids before you had otis because it was so full of pointless tech and questionable pieces of colourful “art”.

Comment by andy@cynic

The freak show fun palace.

Comment by DH

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