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Consolation Prize …

I have talked about my love of Martin Parr before, which is why you can imagine my excitement when I thought I was going to pull off the ultimate collaboration between him and my side project with the masters of metal.

For absolutely fair reason, it sadly didn’t come off, but I did get a nice gift as a way of thanks … which ironically, makes me only wish it had worked out even more.

When I pitched the idea, I was asked why I thought it was a good idea.

I said I didn’t, I just thought it was interesting and sometimes, that’s all we have to go on.

The best thing with working with people who only think creatively is they totally get that … that sometimes, the intrigue of an idea is more important than the actual outcome – even if it ends up not being what you quite hoped.

I get why we all look for certainty in what we do. There’s a lot riding on it … money, employment, business … but the problem with certainty is that it is built on compromise and convenience, where the outcome is safe rather than alive.

It’s why Martin’s Weigel’s wonderful case for chaos is such an important read.

I have long been an advocate of this approach.

While it can scare people, the reality is chaos can create what order can’t and when we are all looking for ways to infect, infiltrate and shape culture, the best way to do it is to offer them something they find interesting and resonant, rather than boring and right.

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Fancied writing the first comment before the insults fly.

Well, I didn’t, but as I had to be early I thought I’d do it just for a slight what will otherwise be a testing day. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob


Comment by DH


Comment by Rob

Ok, that would have been a cool collaboration and much more interesting than the study into Brian May’s hairstyle that I imagined you would do.

Comment by DH

Excellent post Robert. If you only follow the rules of the past you can never move forward. The Brexiteers will discover this to their shame.

I don’t care for Metallica but a book with Martin Parr would have me happily investing my time into getting to know them. I hope this collaboration will come to fruition for you one day soon Robert. It sounds perfectly you. .

Comment by Lee Hill

I agree Lee. I would not be able to stop myself buying hat book.
Is the collaboration opportunity over forever Robert, or just for now?

Comment by George

I find it interesting you present right or interesting as some sort of choice. But by your own admission, you state interesting captures the imagination in ways traditional approaches may not, so surely it is not a choice between right and risk, but how far forward you want to move.

Comment by George

You’re right George … in fact Martin Weigel and I are doing a talk at Cannes [god help us all] about that very subject … in essence, it’s not a case of ‘interesting or right’, interesting is the next right.

The fact that didn’t come through in the post is more to do with my crap writing than having a different POV.

Comment by Rob

cannes in summer? another fucking freebie. seriously campbell, id want to come back as you if it didnt mean having your face, music taste or fucking look.

Comment by andy@cynic

Don’t think I didn’t notice that this is a plug for your other side gig.

Comment by John

I can bill them for PR.

Comment by Rob

Not sure you can buy a lot with a quarter.

Comment by Bazza

Not that side gig!

Comment by John

Not that side gig.

Comment by John

Not that side gig either – the one where you get your blog to post comments properly.

Comment by John

In that case that is the side gig that rarely happens. Or it could be I set the tone being the first commenter. Oh who am I kidding …

Comment by Rob

OK, I’ll admit this is good but this line stood out for me.

“People who only think creatively”

Takes a lot of money to be able to live that way. Have you had to change the way you work with them because they think that way?

Comment by Bazza

You’re assuming they’ve not always thought that way?

Comment by John

I don’t doubt it was always there but they have earned the right to truly live that way. Wasn’t always the case …

Comment by Rob

It has Baz.

Normally our job is to explain creativity in a rational way to enable clients to either understand it or understand the value of it.

Ironically with M!, for them to understand the ideas I want them to explore, I have to explain the rationale behind the idea in a creative way or they just won’t get it.

Less business benefits and all creative opportunities.

I won’t lie. I adore it.

Comment by Rob

I bet you do.

Comment by Bazza

i fucking hate you campbell. properly hate you.

Comment by andy@cynic

nothing fucks me off more than some prick getting all the breaks when their greatest achievement is being a lucky bastard. you fucking spoke to parr didnt you. you fucking fucking wanker.

Comment by andy@cynic

Your venom is so good.

Comment by DH

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