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Nothing Makes You Feel Old Like This Chart …

Given my age, I remember when the internet went from a university thing to a public thing.

Because of that, I remember when so many of these companies launched.

What’s slightly concerning is that I worked on many of them and in the main, they’ve either disappeared or just fallen away which means the biggest threat to these companies is not data breaches or government interference, but me.

The human virus.

Now that’s an accolade. Or so I keep telling myself.

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47% of all internet content is directly attributable to you. Unfortunately it’s the 47% that is classed as digital pollution.

Comment by Bazza

As he said in his Cannes talk, he is an instagram terrorist.

Comment by Pete

As Martin said in the same talk, “cultural landfill”.

Comment by Bazza

Well, just don’t stalk my every move then …

Comment by Rob

It’s not stalking when you can’t avoid your internet content abuse.

Comment by Bazza


Comment by John

make it + ten fucking billion.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by John

Maybe if you could start working on Media Arts you could do the world a massive favour

Comment by Northern

excite. the most fucking unexciting brand in the whole fucking history of the fucking internet. i hated those pricks. and yahoo.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yahoo is Oath now, do keep up

Comment by Northern

it wasnt when i worked with the fucks. then when i worked with the fucks they had a business.

Comment by andy@cynic

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