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New Is Easy, Right Is Hard …

I recently read an article on Linkedin about an agency launching a ‘world first’.

Was it something to save humanity?


Was it something to help business?


Was it something designed to get the agency some PR even though it had no intrinsic value to culture?


All that aside, I do get the quest for ‘first’ from agencies perspective … they want to look like they’re relevant, creative, interesting and valuable … but the great irony is that all this stuff does the absolute opposite.

So to dear old adland, I ask you this …

Could you please start being as proud about craft as you are about doing something ‘first’.

Craft makes a huge amount of difference.

It turns potential into possible.

It changes how people look at you and what they can do with you.

It creates division between you and your competitors.

Craft might not always get the PR headlines, but it makes people care – and given the alternative is World Firsts like that fucking Peggy Peg from a few years ago – that is a much better position to be in for all of our futures.

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Companies only want world firsts if they’re easy. They’re too risky and expensive if they’re not.

Comment by Pete

Not all, but many. It’s getting to the point that for many companies – “innovation” is a sign of laziness whereas craft is a sign of commitment. Mainly because what some companies class as innovation is not innovation at all, just reframed evolution (or “borrowing” a competitors idea) to cover the fact you have a lack of your own.

That doesn’t mean they are not effective. But it does mean they are rarely changing the nature of the business long term.

Comment by Rob

The title of this post is Craig Federighi at his best.

Comment by Bazza

Well spotted.

Comment by Rob

It’s a company requirement we can spot Apple employee quotes.

Comment by Bazza

you fucking corporate toady twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

I find it funny ad agencies are obsessed with creating “a world first” but outside of award season, they prefer to keep repeating the same formula.

Comment by Bazza

Not just ad agencies. Remember that Chicken Tonight brief we got about their biggest ever innovation? Big for them. Of no value whatsoever for everybody else. I still can see the look on their faces when Rob told them that.

Comment by Pete

The ‘you can now cook it in a pan’ innovation.

That was a memorable one.

Comment by Rob

They couldn’t work out why we weren’t shouting “eureka”.

Comment by Pete

thats what happens when you force low level brand managers to eat fucking shitty chemicals and think its nouveau fucking cuisine.

Comment by andy@cynic

Peggy Peg. One of your milestone posts.

I agree with everything you are saying here Robert.

Too many “world first ideas”, especially in the advertising and consulting industries, are focused on self celebratory PR, not radically changing how a business, a category or an audience operates from that moment forwards.

Comment by George

Exactly. Most companies prefer to put the no into innovation, even if their PR says otherwise.

Comment by Rob

How long had you been saving that one up Rob?

Comment by DH

just to be fucking clear, the hare and the tortoise is a fucking kids story. in real life the hare would fucking smoke shellboy.

Comment by andy@cynic

Happy today Andy?

Comment by DH

He’s so happy he’s the Coke side of life in Disneyland.

Comment by Bazza

fuck you twatty.

Comment by andy@cynic

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