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Everyone’s A Critic …
March 23, 2020, 6:15 am
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After a week of listening to me in ‘work mode’, Jill said my job consists of me having lots of conversations where I ask one of 4 questions …

“What’s the creative opportunity?”

“Are you excited by this?”

“Where’s your energy at?”

“Why are we being so nice?”

So as much as I thought there were certain enjoyable byproducts of working from home’ due to corona … mainly that I get more sleep, I travel far less and spend much more time with the family … now I’m not so sure.

Suppose it’s revenge for the Jillysim blog I set up years ago.

God knows how she’ll review me by the end of this week.


So last night Otis got a fever.

He has been quarantined for the last 2 weeks with a nasty cough so this fever – which falls within the 2 week incubation period of corona virus – has caused us some concern.

While kids are thankfully, much better placed for recovery, we will be keeping a close eye on him – and ourselves – so this is the last post for a few days.

See, corona virus isn’t all bad after all.

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Jill knows.
Hope Otis is OK.

Comment by Bazza

Hope you and Jill are OK too.

Comment by Bazza

Yeah … we’re good.

And yes, Jill knows far too well.

Comment by Rob

if only she knew to say “I dont.”

Comment by andy@cynic

And well done on putting the post time back to normal.

Comment by Bazza

Consider it your birthday present.

Comment by Rob

Oh no. I hope Otis is OK and look after yourselves.
I’ll also make a mental note not to ask my family for an opinion of my working style after they have been close witnesses for the last week.

Comment by George

I am perfectly aware what my family think of my work persona to not be so stupid to ask them to confirm it for me.

Comment by Lee Hill

It’s the Virgin shareholders you need to worry about.

Comment by Bazza

We live in very interesting times.

Comment by Lee Hill

Lee. I apologize for that comment.

What meant to be a joke came across as nasty and spiteful. It’s a challenging time for everyone and you have always played fair and advocated companies take responsibility for the position they find themselves in so I want to say sorry.

Comment by Bazza

Good on noticing before we had to tell you. ; )

Comment by Pete

I took it as you originally intended but I appreciate your words. Thank you.

Comment by Lee Hill

Bloody hell. Glad you apologised, even if Lee is basically saying he never gives creedence to anything you say.

Comment by Rob

bazza. you fucking prick.

Comment by andy@cynic

Wow. Baz.

Comment by DH

You and Jill must be very concerned. I hope Otis improves very quickly.

Comment by Lee Hill

Hugs to you all from here. We will call our tomorrow to see how everyone is.

Comment by Mary Bryant

That would be lovely.

Comment by Rob

Hope Otis is ok. Will be thinking of him and you.

BTW. Jill for the win.

Comment by Pete

He’s doing fine. Fever has gone down a bit and he’s just eaten porridge, so we’ll just keep a close eye on him. But I tell you, if he does give me or his Mum corona, he’s going to hear about it at every major event in his life. That should be a good enough reason to do all he can to avoid that happening.

Comment by Rob

Even viruses would be scared of that punishment.

Comment by Pete

He will be able to respond that you might be asymptomatic and given it to him. I hope that’s not true and that he recovers quickly and you and Jill stay well but it’s my gift to him.

Comment by John

first his old man is a planner then this shit. thank fuck jill is there to look after him. take care otis, theres a fuckload of people relying on you to give us the revenge we want and deserve.

Comment by andy@cynic

Hope he feels better real soon.

Comment by DH

Any update Robert?

Comment by Mary Bryant

He is much better today.

He slept most of the day and the fever was really high, but when he work up – about 8 hours later – he wanted 2 bowls of pasta and then went back to bed and slept all night again.

This morning, he is stronger. Still not anywhere near 100% but a lot, lot better than he has been so we’re super relieved.

That is until 14 days where we discover he’s passed it on to us. Ha.

Comment by Rob

good news.

Comment by andy@cynic

oi campbell, hows the little one?

Comment by andy@cynic

Much, much better.

To the point that yesterday, I popped out of a meeting to get a notepad and when I came back, a very senior NIKE client told me Otis had come in, done an impromptu naked bum dance, then ran out giggling.

To top it off, they said, “… and your son is still more professional than you”.

So yeah, much much better.

Comment by Rob

Wonderful news Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

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