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Is The Internet Sponsored By Pornhub?
April 6, 2020, 6:15 am
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A while back it was ‘Book Day’ at Otis’ school.

I’d never heard of it before … but apparently it’s a day where the kids dress up as a character from their favourite book.

Of course, what it really is, is the commercialisation of yet another event … a chance for companies to get even more money out of people, but as it’s for books and for kids – all parents nod and hand over their cash.

For the record, Otis went from the dinosaur from ‘Dinosaurs Don’t Eat Tacos’.

Anyway, in an apparent prestigious move, Jill was invited to go and read a book to the class … so wanting to get in the spirit she looked for a book character outfit to wear.

Below proves the evil geniuses of the internet …

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This is tragic, no?

Comment by Gottfried

Oh Jill.

Comment by Mary Bryant

That’s a phrase Jill has heard a lot since she met Rob. ; )

Comment by Pete

Thanks for that mate. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

Was Jill using your phone when she did this? It would all make sense if she was.

Comment by Bazza

Exactly what I was thinking.

Comment by George

You know I can read this. Ha.

Comment by Rob

How had you not heard of book day? Let me know your secret because I would love to forget the trauma it caused in my house on an annual basis.

Comment by George

I wish I could say it must be because he doesn’t read books but I’m staring at shelves full of books he read then bought for me saying “I have to read this”.

Comment by Pete

Is today, national ‘be ungrateful to Rob day’?

They were presents. Good presents. Please tell me you’ve at least read some of them.

Comment by Rob

I am grateful for them and have read all of them. I am just saying you bought me a lot of them.

Comment by Pete

Did Rob write a rubbish dedication in all your books too? I originally thought it was a nice gesture then I realized it’s so he can always remind me how much he has given to me.

Comment by DH

Whoever named that outfit is downplaying it’s offence. I can see it mentions the word “flasher”, which makes me question who would want to buy such an outfit. But that is so much more than just a “rude old man”. They can try and reposition it all the wish, but it won’t work.

Comment by George

That would be a great interview question for planners. Might get you fired for asking it though.

Comment by Pete

You’ve inspired me.

Comment by Rob

Don’t blame me for your impending court case.

Comment by Pete

Have you been invited to come in to teach maths?

Comment by John

Surprisingly no. Their loss. Ahem.

Comment by DH

Enron’s gain.

Comment by DH

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