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Truth Out Of The Most Innocent Of Mouths …

So I have to admit that I am loving being in quarantine with my family.

I appreciate a big part of that is that I’ve been impacted far less than many.

I fortunately continue to have a job and where we live has a small backyard for Otis to play in. I also know that with no elderly family members around, the worry and fears are limited to just our situation which is why, even though I would rather no one had suffered through this time, this period has been a revelation for me.

There’s many reasons for that. I am saving two and a half hours a day on commuting … so I’m get an hour a days more sleep. I get to be here and see Otis when he wakes up and goes to bed every night. And dinner time is now family dinner time … every single day.

All those things are wonderful based on the fact I just love being with my family.

We’ve never spent so much time together in our lives and I have to say, it’s great.

Yes, we would love to go out and see friends, but in terms of sacrifice, it has actually had some upside – though I would never want anyone to have had to pay the price they’ve had, to experience this.

The main reason this has been so impactful to me is that I was previously of the opinion being in the office every day was important.

Not ‘to be seen’ by management, but because as a boss … I felt it was important to spend time with your gang and be there when/if they need you. I still feel that, but now realise I can spend one day a week at home and it won’t do any damage … even more so when I assume many of the team will want to do the same.

That said, working from home has revealed some interesting situations.

As I wrote a while back, Otis’ naked bum dance to a very important member of the NIKE global management was an interesting one. While he has fortunately not done a repeat performance, he has revealed what he really thinks of me.

Just recently, this was our interaction while his Mum had popped out to buy some groceries …

As burns go, that’s pretty awesome … though as my colleagues gleefully told me when I told this story to them, “He’s not wrong”.


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As much as you have liked it, I bet your team has liked it more.

Comment by Bazza

If they haven’t, maybe we should ask them when they are all together again.

Comment by Georgeb

Oh I am in no doubt of that.

Comment by Rob

And Otis for president.

Comment by Bazza

He would be so much better than what we have now. Though the UK government are trying to rival Trump for ego, bluster, self protection and half truths.

Comment by George

That’s not being very kind to Otis as my dog would be a better president than Trump. Though Otis would be a much better president than my dog.

Comment by DH

That didn’t come out well at all. Otis, you’re great, that’s all you need to know from me.

Comment by DH

Well you stuffed that up didn’t you Dave.

Comment by Rob

Dave. This is what happens when you try to write comments when you’re very, very tired.

Comment by Pete


Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by DH

I agree with all of this post Robert.
I too feel very fortunate to be in a position where covid has had positive effects on my family, my work and my outlook. I know there are many people who have had a very tough experience and will continue to and I don’t want to forget them or disrespect them. But the part of this post I agree with most is Otis.

Comment by George

Rob was distracted by “the shiny new thing” before shiny new things were a thing.

Comment by DH

I prefer to say I am curious about the possibilities of the future. Ahem.

Comment by Rob

Your view on your management style and wanting to be in the office for your team says all people need to know about why you’re a great leader.

Comment by DH

I would like this comment so much more if I didn’t feel you were trying to make up for the badly phrased comment about Otis as president. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

I think this is called a back-tracking compliment.

Comment by Pete

Perfect term.

Comment by Rob

nice to see otis has the same look on his face as the rest of us when were in your fucking company.

Comment by andy@cynic

Otis knows.

Comment by Jemma King

There’s only thing worse than you writing a post and that’s writing a post I can’t comment on. Yesterday’s I get. Today is a joke, even if you’re having a holiday. (What are you doing that for? It’s not like you can go anywhere?)

Comment by Bazza

And now we can’t even tell him where to go.

Comment by John

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