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The Future Of Adland Is Warm, Fuzzy And Colourful …

And before you think I am taking the piss with that title – which I am, a little bit, especially as with Corona, few people are out on the streets and no one knows what is going to happen with the entire industry, though it’s not looking good – I noticed this more than the majority of ads, even though they have had millions of pounds spent on audience research, concept testing, UX development and communication planning.

That’s not to say that stuff doesn’t matter – it obviously – but when the objective is to ‘fit in’ rather than ‘stand out’, you end up with crafted beige rather than ideas that literally demand to be noticed and explored.

Of course, it’s better if the way you grab people’s attention is with stuff that emotionally intrigues them rather than just makes them snort in derission, but even that is still better than walking past and not even noticing it, let alone not giving a shit.

You can tell it’s going to be a positive week can’t you?

Well don’t be in too much despair as I have 3 bits of good news for you.

1. It’s my FIFTIETH birthday on Friday.

2. There won’t be any posts all of next week as I’m on holiday.

[Though there will be messages of love to Jill and Paul who both have birthdays that week]

3. I am on holiday because Paul and I thought we were going to have a joint 50th involving traveling to different countries, but with Corona, it means I’ll actually be spending it at home … with a cup of tea … watching loads of episodes of Come Dine With Me. Christ Almighty!!!

See … told you I could cheer you up, even if everything is on fire around us.

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When you hit 50, the only job you’ll have in adland is wearing that yellow fluffy suit and handing out vouchers for a local restaurant.

Comment by Bazza

I believe the advertising industry mandates that at 37 these days. Robert has, and will continue to, outwit them all.

Comment by George

I am the cockroach of advertising.

Which as horrible as it is, is still better than being the amoeba of advertising – and there’s a hell of a lot more of those. You can tell who they are, they’re the ones who spend millions on work you never notice or are affected by.

Comment by Rob

Only you would dare to reposition cockroaches.

Comment by DH

Half a century.
No posts next week.
Not able to use your blagged free holiday?
Could next week get any better?

Comment by Bazza

That comes over mean. I’m only joking.

Comment by Bazza

I am glad you realized.

Comment by George

I have new respect for Andy.

Comment by Bazza

Oh Baz, You coward. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

For once Rob, I deserve that.

Comment by Bazza

Not sure it will be reciprocated Baz.

Comment by DH

A momentous week for you Robert. I am looking forward to see what your final week of 40s post will be. As cute as this appears, there is a lot of venom in this. And entirely justified. As you say, when a person dressed in a fluffy monster outfit is noticed more than campaigns with millions spent on research, development and production, the industry is choosing to eat itself.

Comment by George

“The industry is choosing to eat itself” is the best description I’ve heard in a long time.

Comment by Pete

Yep. What a perfect expression.

Comment by Rob

I didn’t see the monster. Well, I must have seen it but my depleted neurons clearly registered it as an irrelevant gimmick.

Instead, I focussed on the guy in the cente of the image because I assumed him to be one of your colleagues whom you were mocking with the headline.

This is either a tribute to the consistency of your messaging or a failure of your concept testing. Or maybe a bit of both.

Comment by John

Irrelevant gimmick. You’ve just added to Rob’s point about the state of advertising.

Comment by DH

It’s what I do.

Comment by John

Turning 50 is big. Working out that means I’ve known you 25 years is bigger. Go on Rob, what have you bought for yourself as present? Another windmill? A guitar? A yacht? 10,000 packets of monster munch?

Comment by DH

All of the above?

Comment by Bazza

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