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Eau De Toilet. Literally And Metaphorically …

The fragrance industry is fascinating.

I’ve written a bunch about this in the past [here, here and here for example] but nothing reinforces my view than the new fragrance bottle from Moschino.

Have a look at this …

On one hand I admire how the industry uses creativity to design distinctive bottles and packaging – mainly because the smelly liquid inside has little value – and I love the fearlessness they tend to embrace all they do, but there’s few industries as pretentious as the fragrance industry. Hell, they’re even more pretentious than a Swiss finishing school run by a Victorian father.

Now I accept some are being ironic – or have evolved to be that way, like Gucci for example – but the vast majority continue to have their heads so high up in the clouds, that even the biggest dope smokers couldn’t reach them.

I’m not sure which side Moschino are on, but anyone who makes a perfume bottle to look exactly like a disinfectant spray and proudly puts the words ‘toilette’ on it, suggests either the biggest misstep or act of fragrance genius I’ve seen in years.

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That is pisstaking genius.

Comment by Bazza

True luxury doesn’t care about the implications.

See Supreme brick.

Comment by Rob

I imagine a lot of men will be buying disinfectant bottles for their wives/girlfriends this holiday and claiming it’s perfume. So I imagine a lot of divorces and hospital visits.

Comment by Bazza

Finally Rob writes a useful post. No more dinners and flowers for dates, just a bottle of Lysol.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Since when did you pay for the dinners and flowers?

Comment by Pete

I think Billy believes his company is worth paying for.

Comment by George

It is. To get away from Billy’s company. Everyone would pay for that.

Comment by Rob

I think Billy only dates his reflection these days.

Comment by DH

I like this. I think it’s a perfume bottle that would appeal to men so they buy the perfume for their partners. Not sure their partners would like it but it is the thought that counts.

Comment by Pete

I imagine there would be a lot of skeptical raised eyebrows from partners.

Comment by George

I know I would stand a distinct chance of being karate chopped in the neck by Jill if I bought her this.

Comment by Rob

I’m going to send a bottle to Jill under your name.

Comment by Bazza

You may struggle to do so Bazza as it appears that this happened in 2015.

Comment by John

Actually, it does seem to still be available. I withdraw my snark and rejoice in the return of this blog to it old normal of historic analysis.

Comment by John

Actually they’re re-releasing it so the post you thought was behind the times is actually ahead of them. Kinda. For once.

Comment by Rob

The futurist’s futurist.

Comment by John

When you say they’re re-releasing it, is that the Disney tactic or is something else going on?

Comment by john

This may be bad, but didn’t you write about a perfume that smelt of a woman’s vagina? Please tell me I didn’t imagine that.

Comment by DH

Fortunately for you and all future relationships you may or may not have, you did not imagine it.

It was this:

Comment by Rob

I think it’s worse you remembered it rather than imagined it David.

Comment by George

An excellent observation George.

Comment by Pete

yes its fucked up but its more fucking interesting than anything else im fucking seeing.

Comment by andy@cynic

I am sure you know but “eau de toilette” is the common name in french to say everyday-use, light/diluted version of a fragrance (“eau de parfum”). Anyway, stay classy Moschino..

Comment by JB

the italians are trying to fuck with the french again.

Comment by andy@cynic

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