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Goodbye Otis Inheritance … ( Filed under: A Bit Of Inspiration, Advertising, Agency Culture, Attitude & Aptitude, Comment, Creativity, Culture, Immaturity, Professionalism, R/GA, Resonance )

Last year, when I joined R/GA, I wasted my sons inheritance by having an array of stickers made for the team. Of course I did it under the guise of expressing our planning philosophy and approach, but really it was so they could cover their laptops in them like the vandals I wanted us to […]

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Learn From Otis’ School, Not Mine … ( Filed under: A Bit Of Inspiration, Agency Culture, Attitude & Aptitude, Comment, Culture, Education )

Last week I talked about Otis’ school and what companies could learn from it. At a time where everyone seems to want to prepare their kids to ‘win in life’ by focusing on hard skills rather than soft, I swear helping kids learn how to express themselves openly – as well as deal with conflict […]

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What Agencies Can Learn From Otis’ Kindergarten … ( Filed under: A Bit Of Inspiration, Advertising, Agency Culture, America, Attitude & Aptitude, Chaos, Confidence, Creativity, Culture, Daddyhood, Education, Emotion, Empathy, Equality, Innocence, Jill, Love, Management, Mum & Dad, Otis, Parents )

So Otis goes to this amazing hippy kindergarten school near where we live. It’s a co-parenting school which means that the parents have to help with the schooling of the kids, not just with the funding. It follows a very specific philosophy defined by the founder and it’s a place where kids learn through expressing […]

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To My Beloved Otis. Always Run Towards Happiness …. ( Filed under: Attitude & Aptitude, Australia, Culture, Daddyhood, Emotion, Empathy, Equality, Family, Happiness, Love, Mum & Dad, Otis )

Following on from yesterday’s post, I want to talk about the dismay I feel about the Australian government asking for a referendum on whether gay marriage is acceptable. What offends me even more than the fact this shouldn’t even be an issue is that when there are issues that should have input from the nation […]

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What Futurists And Egotists Can Learn From Bowie … ( Filed under: A Bit Of Inspiration, Attitude & Aptitude, Culture, Death, RIP, Stubborness )

So as we all know Bowie died this week. Given few people knew he was ill, the news of his death – especially given the release of his latest album and birthday – was particularly shocking. I loved Bowie. Not, believe it or not, because he once sang a duet with my favourite band … […]

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