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Something To Think About On Your Monday …

Don’t let Monday kill you. Let it make you feel alive and then go after what the hell you actually want to do …

I promise I’ll try to sound less like Oprah tomorrow.


Authenticity For The Inauthentic …
November 6, 2018, 6:15 am
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This shop is near my house in Fulham.

Now I must admit that I haven’t tried it, but something tells me Chop Chop’s ‘authentic’ Thai/Chinese/Malaysian/Singaporean is targeting people who don’t actually know what authentic Thai/Chinese/Malaysian/Singaporean actually is.

A bit like Wagamama.

Or Gary Vee.

The word authenticity is in danger of going the same way as words like revolutionary and innovative … a meaningless tag used by adland to try and make boring look a little interesting.

I hope not, because authenticity – real authenticity, not the marketing/hype/PR version of the word – has an incredible ability to drive both distinctiveness and loyalty but as James Hetfield of Metallica told me [un-humble brag there] …

“You can’t be authentic if you’re not prepared to be vulnerable”.

Something very few people and brands understand until its too late.

God, this post has gone pretty heavy from being a photo about a noodle shop in Fulham.