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The Final Countdown …

So today is the beginning of my final full month in America.

That blows my mind.

Without doubt I am sad my time here is coming to an end so soon – its been a great honour to be able to live here and meet so many amazing people – but by the same token, I’m genuinely excited to be moving back to my home country after 24 years away.

That said, part of the disappointment of leaving is I know I got to see and experience so little.

Sure, I’ve been to a bunch of places in my time here, but when you travel mainly for work, you never really get to get a feel for a place.

Yes, I have continued to do what I’ve always done in new cities [the follow up to that link can be read here] but that’s nothing like immersing yourself in the cultural underbelly of a place.

And that’s one of the main reasons I’m disappointed, because while America is a pretty fucked up right now and a lot of the industry here prefers easy over great, it is still an amazing country that I would have loved to have understood and experienced more of.

People, portions and lifestyle aside, there will be some things I’ll always take with me.

The realisation America’s version of a ‘compact car’ is a European 4×4.

The obsession people all have with ranch dressing.

The countries fascination with holidays and how they go all out for them.

The obsessive order people follow to get off planes.

The fact people say and write “Y’all”.

That checks/cheques are still a thing.

No one can talk about race, abortion, wealth, guns, racism. Ever.

That people are not at all comfortable with honesty and truth.

The hierarchy of corporate structures and how they work and are adopted.

The utter brilliance of The Cheesecake Factory.

Oh there are so many things … things I will take with me forever that will make me smile and frown for the rest of my days … but overall America has been very good to me and my family and for that, I will always be grateful.

Sure, the feelings are different to when I left China, but thanks to some of the people, experiences and work I was able to be a part of, I can leave feeling a better person than when I arrived, which – when you think about it – is the best way to leave anywhere.

I just hope some people will feel the same way.

At least the ones who now will always matter to me.

[Though I have a month to try and change that for them, ha]


Resist The Pressure To Reduce Yourself To Others Standards …

Many years ago, I wrote a training guide called, How to ask questions without being a bitch.

It happened because a junior account service colleague at Wieden didn’t know how to get clients to acknowledge her and the questions she had.

This was not because she wasn’t good, but because of gender stereotypes.

Well recently, I had a similar experience, except this time it was a brilliant strategist that a mutual friend of ours had introduced me to.

In my time in LA, I’ve met a whole host of strategists and – as I wrote a while back – many have left me feeling indifferent.

But not this person.

She was more than one of the good ones, she was one of the best.

Sharp as hell.

Unique – yet well thought out – perspectives.

A genuine love of being creative in interesting ways.

Anyway, as we were talking, I said I’d be really interested in hearing – or reading – her perspective on the future of storytelling. For some reason, she said yes and a few weeks I received a great paper with a great perspective.

Except there was one thing I didn’t like.

“The surprising part of this was the fact that my mentor, a white man, erudite and well-known in his profession, cared about my opinion. To give you some background – I’m in my 30s, a mixed bag of races, city kid, raised by a single mom type through and through. I’m a decade into my career and this was the first time I was asked to share my perspective by someone that, for all intents and purposes, matters.”

I hate it.

I hate that this was the first time she felt she was asked for her opinion.

I hate it for the shit she has obviously had to put up with in her life.

I hate the baggage that has weighed her down.

I hate the low expectations she had been forced to endure.

I hate the bosses she’s had that have told her to follow orders rather than encourage her to find her own voice.

And while she finished her paper with a resolve to not let this shit quieten her ever again, I’m still angry that a great talent has had to put up with shit designed to keep her down rather than lift her up, which is why I ask her – and any other planner who relates to this situation – to embrace my paraphrasing of the advice comedian Michelle Wolf received when she was about to take the stage at the White House Correspondence’s dinner, at the top of this page.

Burn it all down.

Cultural Schizophrenia …

An Italian buffet.

In China.

Featuring a German fräulein.

Holding a massive jug of beer. And a pretzel.

Without a single piece of pasta or pizza to be seen.

I honestly don’t know if this is insulting or genius.

But it certainly ups the ante on this Italian, Irish restaurant in Singapore.

I really want to know to things.

1. What sort of cultural Frankenstein food are they’re going to serve?

2. Who do the organisers think this is going to attract … apart from idiots?

And me.

How Raising A Child Reveals Whether You’re Full Of Shit …

I love my son.

I love him so much.

He is such a sweet kid.

Sure he’s a bit cheeky and a bit mischievous, but he’s just a lovely little boy.

I want his innocence and wonder to never leave him – but sadly, I know it will.

I also know things I’d never wish on anyone will happen to him.




And all I can do is try to prepare him for it in a way where he knows he can come through the other side.

Of course part of that will be by making sure he knows he is loved and supported unconditionally by his parents … the other part is making sure he is brought up with as much openness as possible.

One of those things is him understanding men and women are equal.

As I wrote about a while ago, my wife and I have had some stick from relative strangers in how we’re bringing Otis up.

One of the things they’ve ‘questioned’ is why we let Otis play with dolls and brooms, why we bought him a kitchen set and why we let him dance wherever and whenever the mood takes him.

Of course it’s none of their fucking business … but the fact is, we don’t want Otis to grow up thinking boys do this and girls do that and seeing our little boy being as happy playing with dolls as he is with his iPad is utterly wonderful.

I have to admit, I find the level of sexism around me frightening. I find it especially bad when I hear it from a man who has daughters. I literally cannot understand that.

And yet many ignore it exists.

They say any wrong behaviour is ‘cultural’ rather than sexist.

Of course there are cultural traits that define gender roles – especially in Asia – but that doesn’t mean they’re right or you have to carry on with them, even more so when you are not from this part of the World.

And yet it is everywhere – even in supposedly liberal and developed nations, as this wonderful piece by Hillary Clinton shows.

While Hillary says the way women are judged differently to men is ‘not bad, just a fact’, I find it deplorable.

But it’s true.

I remember having to tell one of my talented female planners to clap her hands a bit differently because it looked too much like a little girl and a bunch of sexist pricks would then judge her for that. I hated having to do that … but there was no way I was going to let this talented individual be ignored just because they had decided the way she applauds looks juvenile.

And that’s why I like what Cindy Gallop is doing.

Or what she’s trying to do.

My problem is she’s treating all white men as the enemy which, in my opinion, not only doesn’t serve her purpose any good, but is the sort of generalised bollocks that certain white men have treated females.

And that’s why Otis is being raised to see equality not prejudice … because values, roles and/or potential shouldn’t be evaluated or judged by gender or demographic, even if the way society operates – including those supposedly fighting against it – wants to keep that the norm.

Hijacking Culture …

The term ‘marketing hijack’ is not a new thing.

Arguably created by Wieden and Nike, it is now so widely used that you have to question whether it even works as a strategy anymore.

At least when so many of the ads attempting to hijack actually are just blandom personified.

But it’s not just marketing that has got into this, the film industry has as well.

To be honest, this isn’t anything new either, however I recently watched a movie that seemed to do it more blatantly than most.

This is the movie …

Yes, it’s classic B-Grade, but anyone who watched the previous edition would probably agree with me that it was a bit of fun.

And then and I watched this version and it suddenly dawned on me that it wasn’t a B-Grade movie at all, it was an example of Donald Trump’s homeland security policy if he wins the presidency.

The World is already in a terribly scary place without this idiot trying to add petrol to the fire.

I hope America makes the right decision because I certainly don’t want these sorts of fictional horror movies suddenly turning into documentaries.

The Yoda Complex …
January 18, 2016, 6:15 am
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I once worked with a planner on an architectural project who suggested we should “fuck off the architects, because we could do this ourselves”.

While this guy was a delusional idiot, he was not – sadly – an anomaly.

I am getting increasingly frustrated by people who claim to have the answers to everything and anything when it is based almost exclusively on their own, clouded, personal perspectives.

They don’t care about the details … the issues … the nuances … the real problems … they think they can solve everything simply because their opinion represents every opinion, regardless how tenuous their knowledge or experience.

Sure, it is possible for some people to get so ‘lost’ in the details that they take you down dead-ends … but that doesn’t mean everyone is like that, so to have the attitude that you can blindly ignore people with specific knowledge and experience or that you don’t need to seek out greater understanding of the nuances of the situation because you think you know everything already, is – at best – naive and – at worst – the work of a destructive imposter.

Professionalism doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit and a tie and carry a briefcase to work every day, it means you have an inherent desire to do the best work of your life each and every time which means you can’t sit on your pedestal of delusion and prejudice with your eyes closed, ears shut but poisonous tongue very much alive.

By all means have a different point of view … but base it on the real issues and problems, not what you want the issue and problems to be.

Or instead of working for someone else, go start your own company and see how far you can go on your own. At least earn the right for your arrogance.

Happy Monday.

Let’s Start The Week With Something Spectacular …
July 13, 2015, 6:15 am
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Find yourself nodding.

[Especially if you’re one of the US Police force who thinks doing a commando roll into a pool party filled with black kids is appropriate behaviour]