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It’s Not Equality If Someone Has An Advantage …
September 23, 2014, 9:05 pm
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Yes I know I said there’d be no more posts until Oct 8th, but I also said that there is a high likelihood I wouldn’t be able to help myself and jet lag has resulted in me ‘not being able to help myself’.

So there’s been a lot of buzz about Emma Watson’s eloquent UN speech for the gender-equality program ‘He Not She’.

Seriously, the way some media are going on about it – they’re treating it like it’s the modern take on Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech.

That’s not her fault and what she says is very good … but some of the media either need to get a bit of perspective or start accepting Hollywood stars can be articulate as well as attractive.

Now without wanting to sound a dick … because gender equality is a very serious issue … but I can’t help but feel the UN have missed the point with their choice of name because to my eyes and ears, ‘He For She’ still promotes gender inequality, just now from a female beneficiary perspective.

I know saying this – especially given I’m a man – makes me look like some sort of sexist bastard, but my issue isn’t the cause [which is very important] it’s just that if they wanted to truly promote equality, then surely it should be called “He For We?”

Maybe I’m missing something but I can’t believe no one at the UN noticed this.

And with that, I’ll try and get some sleep.

Wasn’t too painful was it. Ahem.